5 Interesting Facts About Local Historian-Artist-Collaborator Adam Carr

We’re celebrating the launch of our June issue with a sneak peek at our profile of Adam Carr.

Our latest issue features a profile of Adam Carr. He’s a man who wears many hats, such as social justice storyteller, connector and public artist. You can read the feature by Mary Louise Schumacher in our June issue of Milwaukee Magazine, available on newsstands soon or online here.

Carr will also be joining MilMag‘s Editor and Publisher Carole Nicksin for a live interview on Tuesday, June 1, as part of our City Guide issue launch. The two will talk about how to celebrate Milwaukee’s reopening, the best way to spend 24 hours in our city, what you’ll find in the June issue of Milwaukee Magazine and more. Watch it on our Facebook page.

Until then, here are six interesting facts you might not know about Milwaukee’s beloved historian:  

1. He’s the Youngest of 5

Carr is known for his ability to mentally map out the city of Milwaukee, but as a kid that wasn’t the case. Driving around in the car with his family he had no sense of direction and rarely knew where he was. He says as the youngest in the family, he was along for the ride. 



2. He’s Known as a Milwaukeeist

Some say he should run for mayor, others believe he’s the next John Gurda, but at the present he is known as a Milwaukeeist – someone with a deep understanding of Milwaukee’s past and present. He’s a local expert who has been cited by most publications in our area. 

3. He Got His Start at 88Nine Radio Milwaukee

He actually didn’t get the job he applied for there right out of college, but he did impress the team there enough to get an internship. It wasn’t long before he turned that internship into a paying position as a producer in 2008. He became known there for his dynamic storytelling. 

4. He Only Recently Ditched the Flip Phone

Carr resisted as long as he could. He stuck with the flip phone because he wanted to avoid the temptations of such an all-consuming digital environment. 

5. He Lives in Silver City

Carr and his wife, Glenna Holstein, who is the membership manager at the Urban Ecology Center, bought their home in Silver City, on the South Side. Carr grew up on the East Side, but says he likes that the “lines between you and your neighbor are a bit fuzzier” in Silver City. 



Allison Garcia is the Digital Editor for Milwaukee Magazine.