4 Ways to Celebrate Packers Game Day From Milwaukee

We may not be Green Bay, but Milwaukee sure knows how to celebrate the Packers.

Milwaukee hasn’t been the home of the Packers since the team moved back to Green Bay in 1994, but that hasn’t deterred the Brew City community from sporting green and gold and being true fanatics. So when driving the 100-some miles to Green Bay is simply out of the question, there are still ways Milwaukeeans can show their Packers pride on game day.

Visit Local Sports Bars

Being in the Brew City, we love our beer. Milwaukee Packers fans often patron local sports bars to watch the team play and enjoy game-day special. Some of the benefits of watching the game at a bar are the camaraderie with other fans and touchdown celebrations. 

Here’s a list of three local bars to keep in mind next game day: 

Hooligan’s Super Bar

Enjoy free touchdown shots when the Packers score and a $4 twenty-two ounce Miller with $3.50 refills.

Kelly’s Bleachers

Appreciate the $1 taps on Miller Lite, Highlife and Coors Lite and $5 pitchers of the same. “We also do $5 tall mixers of just about any mixer we serve,” says Anthony, one of the owners. “And we do a basket of wings for $3 with 13 homemade sauces.” Here you’ll also find over 30 screens to watch the game on.

Major Goolsby’s

Play your chance at winning one of their giveaways. “At the half time, we do a $25 gift certificate; at the end of the game, we do a $50 gift certificate,” says Marty, one of the managers. “We do some smaller giveaways, too, at the end of each quarter.” Major Goolsby’s also offers touchdown shots, discounted domestic beers, and an $18 bucket of wings with a pitcher of beer.

Kelly’s Bleachers

Wear Your Cheesehead

Living in America’s Dairyland, it’s no wonder Packers fans proudly wear the cheesehead. What was once supposed to be an insult from the Chicago Bears — being a cheesehead — is now embraced. In 1987, Ralph Bruno created the iconic cheesehead by carving the foam out of his mother’s couch cushion and using a turkey carver and some yellow paint. Once it won the likes of Milwaukeeans, Bruno started selling cheeseheads at various Wisconsin sporting events. He now has a whole line of cheese-related products through his company Foamation. Right now, a limited edition of the beer cheesehead is available. It’s designed to mimic Milwaukee’s classic pairing of beer and cheese. So wear your cheesehead proudly.
Photo via cheesehead.com

Sport Team Apparel and Merchandise

On Packers game day, most Milwaukeeans are wearing some sort of Packers apparel. Whether that be shirts, hats, jersey’s, shoes, sweatshirts or scarves you are bound to see someone wearing green and gold. You can shop the Packers Pro Shop or visit The Green and Gold Zone in West Allis. Deck your walls with posters or tapestries, get themed cups, bowls and dishes for an at-home Packers party and promote Packers pride with rugs, doormats, flags and blankets. Get everything you need to show that you’re a Packers fan in and out of the house.

Milwaukee fans can also celebrate Green and Gold Fridays during the season. If you’re wearing Packers apparel on Fridays, visit any of the participating Citgo locations for a free small coffee. You can also receive free chips and queso with the purchase of an entrée at any Qdoba Mexican grill when wearing your green and gold.

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Host A Packers Parties

If they’re not at the bar watching the game, Milwaukee Packers fans are often at a home with friends and family, watching it on a big screen TV.  At home Packers parties are common in Milwaukee, and a great way to have fun and show your support for the team.

Packers parties aren’t complete without food and drink. Serve your guests cheesy curds, hot wings, green guacamole, some pineapple, and you’ve got yourself a Packers themed spread.  For those cold, cold days, warm up some chili, make pigs and a blanket, and you’re set.

While beer is a staple for these gatherings, you can also step outside the box. Try a green and gold cocktail made with Midori, tequila and orange juice. Or make a big batch of Packers Punch, made from whiskey, triple sec, lemonade and lemon-lime soda. You can even kick it up a notch and serve green and yellow Jell-O shots.

However Milwaukee celebrates, you are sure to be convinced that our community fully supports our Green Bay Packers and what true Packers fanatics we are.

Photo courtesy of Getty Images
Photo via Tampa Bay Packers Club