3 Under-the-Radar Cafes for Remote Workers

Skip Starbucks and head to one of these local spots to get your work-day caffeine fix.


1. Alderaan Coffee

1560 N. WATER ST. 

Alderaan Coffee has an open atmosphere with lots of natural sunlight and modern interior decor. The large, sleek coffee counter is the center of the cafe, serving lattes, regular coffee and online pickup orders. It’s also a dog friendly bar, evident by the water dish just behind the counter. Beyond beverages, Alderaan has a wide selection of pastries on their menu, plus they recently added granola and yogurt for breakfast lovers. 

Photo courtesy of Alderaan Coffee


2. Rochambo

1317 E. BRADY ST. 

Housed in a two-story brick building built in 1875, Rochambo on is a Lower East Side staple with its extensive collection of French movie posters, Budai statues and other knick knacks. Visitors can sit on the chairs in the front or go upstairs and watch Brady Street from a bird’s eye view. The cafe sells its own unique Irish coffee and craft beer, making it an option for work or play. 

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3. Hi-Fi Cafe


This coffee shop is the definition of “retro,” with 7-inch vinyl discs, ‘80’s new wave photographs, vintage furniture and an abundance of hand drawn artwork from floor to ceiling. There’s a big ‘70’s and ‘80’s new wave/disco/funk vibe here, and if you remember those days or are an old soul who digs that sort of thing, you’ll find yourself at home here. The door is open on summer days and overhead fans keep out the humidity, and a steady stream of loyal customers visit the shop during the five days it’s open. With a menu full of bakery, breakfast sandwiches and lattes served in beer glasses, this is a good place to stop in for lunch or to get some work done.

Hi-Fi Cafe; Photo by Alli Watters