3 Things John Ridley Is Enjoying Right Now

The Oscar-winning screenwriter’s streaming picks are eclectic. 

What kind of work excites an Oscar winner? We asked John Ridley, the Milwaukeean, screenwriter behind 12 Years a Slave, and CEO of Nō Studios to share three things that he’s loving right now. Here are his picks.


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“I’m absolutely loving Sirrids new album Lost in 2080.  He’s easily the most innovative synthwave artist working, and Lost in 2080 is Sirrids best yet.”


“I’m constantly watching Ryan George’s “Pitch Meeting” on YouTube.  Every week Ryan breaks down in the most hilarious way why Hollywood movies tend to be illogical.  The guy’s a genius.”


“Really enjoying “The Martha Mitchell Effect” on Netflix.  It’s an amazing documentary about a central but forgotten figure from the Watergate scandal. It’s like a giant nugget of facts wrapped in within an object of art.”



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