A Look at the 2019 Brewers Through the Unblinking Eyes of Their Bobbleheads

The 2019 Brewers have us nodding along to their latest line of stadium giveaways.

If you’re not sure whether bobbleheads really move the needle on ticket sales at Miller Park, pull out your Robin Yount statuette, pull down the brim of his cap, and release.


They’re the most consistent performers among the Brewers’ stadium giveaways despite stiff competition from “wearables” like shirts and hats, and more unusual items like 2016’s Bob Uecker alarm clock.

Pulling together a bobblehead is a complex effort involving some six months of work by staff from across the organization. The concept of the Jesús Aguilar bobble that opens this year’s giveaway season was nailed down just as the team’s oh-so-close playoff run last October was about to begin, says Teddy Werner, the club’s senior vice president of marketing.

This year’s all-fan giveaways bring six new bobbleheads. Each of the active players depicted is expected to be a key contributor during a season with deep October expectations.


Jesús Aguilar

How can you not love the burly first baseman who mugged for the cameras after each of his out-of-the-blue 35 home runs (two of them walk-offs) last season?


Jeremy Jeffress

Before his shaky postseason, JJ and his bat-melting pre-pitch staredowns were a critical piece of the most critical piece of this team: the bullpen.

June 9

Christian Yelich

Yeli’s bobble will be holding the NL MVP plaque, a no-brainer award after his monster season that included a red-hot September and hitting for the cycle twice.

June 30


Prince Fielder

Prince’s playful but powerful presence in the middle of the lineup was key to the Brewers’ last stretch of sustained success, including playoff runs in 2008 and 2011.


Josh Hader

The Brewers’ novel bullpen strategy was built around Hader’s electric left arm. His watershed 2018 performance: eight outs, all strikeouts, against the Reds on April 30.


Yasmani Grandal

This once-TBA bobblehead slot went to the club’s big offseason acquisition: a slugging catcher whom Brewers fans last saw in a Dodgers uniform, muffing several pitches in the NLCS.

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