12 Inexpensive Ways to Make Your Home Look More Interesting

A few easy tweaks will make your house feel new to you

From our partners at Houzz

Sometimes I feel like my house has a case of the blahs — I look around and realize I’m tired of the same old arrangements. When I was interviewing an interior designer recently, she told me how she always asks her clients’ permission to dig through their stuff, because so many treasures may be hidden in a cupboard or closet, leaning against the wall on the floor or sitting on a shelf no one ever notices.

It gets dark out so early these days that I was ready for that inspiration. I was feeling stuck in my house for many more hours each evening, sick of the decor, and was looking around wondering what I could change. So I went on a treasure hunt around my own home, cleared some shelves and counters and started fresh, swapping out mirrors, table lamps, throw blankets and pillows; rotating artwork into more prominent positions, rearranging books and trying out new objects on my dining table. Here are some ideas I found along the way.


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