You Have to Listen to Klassik’s New Song ‘Bucks in Six’

Alexa, play “Bucks in 6” by Klassik at maximum volume.

“Bucks in Six.” First, it was a comment by former Milwaukee Bucks guard Brandon Jennings in 2013. Next, it became a Milwaukee chant as the Bucks fought through the playoffs. Then, it became a reality when the Bucks won the Eastern Conference Finals against the Atlanta Hawks in six games. Tonight, it’s a hope that the Bucks can close out the NBA Finals against the Phoenix Suns at Fiserv Forum where 65,000 fans are expected to gather outside and watch.

Oh, and its also a catchy new song by Milwaukee artist Klassik. 


“Bout to bring the city home a chip. 

How many years has it been, like 50? We don’t trip. 

Bucks in Six, Bucks in Six, yeah.

Bucks in Six, Bucks in Six, yeah.”

That’s the main lyrics of the track, which plays on Milwaukee- and Detroit-style hip-hop. It’s a bit unconventional to write a song about something that hasn’t quite happened yet, but Klassik is confident that the Bucks will come out with the win tonight. 


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“I believe in manifesting things,” Klassik says. “I think that extra nudge never hurts. That was my thinking to just go for it.” 

This is the fastest he has ever put together a piece. On Sunday, Klassik was working his day job at the Lynden Sculpture Garden when the song came to him. He had the beat and the lyrics all worked out in his head – he just needed to wait until he could get to his “hot spot” – aka his very hot attic – to get it ready. On Monday, he was able to record, just in time to release the new song before Game 6 tonight. 

“The song is a little different than I normally do, but hey I feel something and I wanted to put it out immediately,” he says. 

Klassik has been a Bucks fan through all of the eras. He remembers when the team was just giving away tickets and when Giannis Antetokounmpo was first drafted (and wondering, “who is that?”). He’s been a fan through thick and thin and thinks the team deserves this moment in the spotlight. 

“This one is for all the people who were there and who toughed it out all those years,” Klassik says. 

He loves to see Milwaukee finally getting the attention it deserves and believes people are now seeing the city’s full potential. He hopes to see that energy stretch beyond the Bucks and the NBA Finals, and toward Milwaukee’s arts and culture scene. 

“I’m glad that this moment is happening. I hope that it’s a reminder of the potential in this city,” Klassik says. “The way that [the Bucks] win is when the team is operating on all cylinders, and that’s such a good metaphor for what this city is and what it could be.” 

The song is one of the first new releases from Klassik since his last album QUIET, which we wrote about in our 2020 Spring Arts Guide. But the artist has a lot more exciting projects in the works. He’s getting ready to release a new album, called Master Class, which he’s been working on in the studio throughout quarantine. He also has some shows coming up throughout the city, which are yet to be announced. You can stay tuned for more information on his website, Instagram, Twitter or Facebook

In the meantime: “Bucks in Six.”



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