You Could Be the Next Proud Owner of This Historic Milwaukee Bowling Alley

The historic building also includes a bar and an apartment. Score!

The former Falcon Bowl on Clarke St. is now for sale for $249,000. It was just listed this Wednesday and the page has already been viewed 2,688 times, so it might not be on the market long.

Falcon Bowl goes way back in Milwaukee. It was home to the Polish Falcons of America Nest 725, the only remaining Wisconsin station of the organization, which was started in 1887. The Falcons were a fraternal, ethnic organization that offered insurance to working-class members, along with social benefits. The Nest was located there since 1945, as evidenced by the bright red “Polish Falcons” sign above the door. Before then, the building was a dance hall and a tavern dating way back to when it was built in 1882.



The building is 12,502 square feet and three stories. The bar also has a kitchen and an event hall with a stage that can hold 230 people. According to Urban Milwaukee, the Falcon hall hosted one of the earliest shows by the legendary Violent Femmes, along with a show from Muddy Watters and Howling Wolf. There’s also an apartment above the bar with three bedrooms.

Most amazingly of all, Falcon Bowl has a basement bowling alley. Not just any basement bowling alley, but the sixth oldest bowling alley in the entire country – the six lanes were first certified in 1913. Plus, there’s another bar down there.

If you weren’t able to snatch up that Bay View bar/house that hit the market a few weeks ago, this might be a new chance for you. How often does a person have the opportunity to buy a bar/apartment/bowling alley that’s been a Milwaukee staple since the 19th-century?



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