Women of Distinction 2019: The Women of Quad

It is Milwaukee Magazine’s pleasure to introduce this special section featuring female business owners, financial and spiritual leaders, health care professionals, entrepreneurs, philanthropists and all-around glass-ceiling breakers!

These leaders at Quad – four of many women in the senior-executive ranks at the company – are proof of the business’s commitment to advancing women into leadership roles, especially as Quad continues its remarkable transformation as a marketing solutions partner with a strong foundation in print.

“Quad is going through a big, exciting transformation, and I get to be part of defining the strategy for where we’re headed,” says Renee Badura, who notes that the mantras of Quad’s inimitable founder, the late Harry V. Quadracci, continue to ring strong, including one of her favorites, “Together we can do more than as individuals apart.” Colleen Mayer, a former Quad customer, is empowered by Quad’s longstanding mission to “create a better way,” which helps foster new ideas and directions as the company innovates solutions that help clients address marketing problems and process challenges. Quad is a rewarding place to work, with team-based philosophies at its core.

“Quad’s culture encourages speed and innovation while at the same time recognizing that the best decisions aren’t made in a vacuum, but instead through teams that are empowered and trustful,” says Jennie Kent, a Stanford Law School graduate. Another reason to work at Quad? The company’s emphasis on fun. Says Badura, “I get to belly laugh every single day with the people I work with.”

“Teamwork means building on relationships to truly understand each other’s views and consider them as seriously as you do your own.” – Dana Gruen, VP, Chief Compliance Officer and Deputy General Counsel, Quad

“Effective, collaborative and informed teams make good, sustainable decisions.” – Jennie Kent, Executive VP of Administration and General Counsel, Quad

Q&A with the Women of Quad

How are you a force within your community?

Gruen: “I mentor aspiring leaders at Quad, and I try to be as honest as possible with them about my work experiences, both good and bad, and to emphasize that there is no ‘one size fits all’ approach or path to a career.”

Kent: “Outside the office, I have spent the last five years working with high school students who participate in the statewide mock trial program. Seeing these teenagers creatively navigate complex cases is pretty inspiring.”

Mayer: “I’m not sure I’d call myself a force, but perhaps a soft hammer. I try to help make a difference through mentoring, tutoring and volunteering. I am looking forward to a volunteer trip next year in Honduras [with the nonprofit Soles4Souls] with two other women executives from Quad.”

What is your life purpose?

Badura: “To live as much of a fulfilling and adventure-filled life as I can.”

Kent: “To enjoy and appreciate what’s happening along the way.”

Mayer: “I try to let my faith be my guide, and strive to be the best version of myself.”

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