Poutine with dressing. Poutine consists of fries, gravy, and cheese curds

Where to Get: Poutine

It’s not that easy to find this Canadian delicacy around Milwaukee, but here are some local joints that serve it up real good, ya know.

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Ryan Gosling, bagged milk, a parliamentary system under a constitutional monarchy — these are all great things brought to you by that northern tundra of maple leaves and syrup thieves, Canada.

But the most significant Canadian contribution to society is still the Quebecois delicacy poutine, also known as french fries and cheese curds topped with gravy. It’s not that easy to find around Milwaukee, but here are some local joints that serve it up real good, ya know.

1) The Vanguard

This Bay View bar and restaurant offers three varieties of the Canadian classic: Belgian Beef, Roasted Garlic and Buffalo. And they all come with fries (chili cheese, kimchi or regular). The options are almost overwhelming, and it’s only $5 for a small, or $8 for a large.
2659 S. Kinnickinnic Ave.; (414) 539-3593

2) The Cafe at the Plaza

Everyone knows the biggest downside to poutine is that you can’t eat it five minutes after getting out of bed — it’s an afternoon delicacy at best. But The Cafe at the Plaza Hotel turns that on its head with its very own Breakfast Poutine, which uses chorizo gravy, scallions and pickled red onion to make the meal morning-appropriate.
The Plaza Hotel; 1007 N. Cass St.; (414) 276-2101

3) Comet Cafe

Hit the East Side after a day on the town for some Duck Confit poutine. This $13 option ratchets up the comfort food aspect of the mighty poutine for a new delicious twist.
1947 N. Farwell Ave.; (414) 273-7677

4) Red Dot Tosa

Bad news right off the bat — Red Dot is currently closed due to a fire in May, but they are working on re-opening. Red Dot is the place for classic poutine in Wauwatosa. Hopefully they reopen ASAP, so we can all get some of that sweet, sweet gravy-fry-cheese curds.
6715 W. North Ave., Wauwatosa; (414) 964-5720

5) Milwaukee Burger Company

It’s time to get corporate with your poutine, folks. Milwaukee Burger Company offers a “Wisconsin style” poutine, which includes “beer-infused” gravy. How does one infuse gravy with beer, you ask? Sounds like it’s time for you to find out.
6421 S. 27th St., Franklin; (414) 301-9938

6) Drink Wisconsinbly Bar

You know that “Drink Wisconsinbly” T-shirt you always see at the airport? Well, it has a bar, and that bar serves Pork Belly Poutine. Head to this Harbor View spot to see what the ol’ poutine tastes like with a dose of slow-cooked pork and peppercorn gravy.
135 E. National Ave.; (414) 930-0929

7) West Allis Cheese and Sausage Shoppe

The one and only Water Street is home to some of its very own poutine. Inside the Public Market, the West Allis Cheese and Sausage Shoppe serves up an authentic version of the meal, based off the Quebec original.
Milwaukee Public Market; 400 N. Water St.; (414) 289-8333

8) The Garage

If you’re willing to head a little south, you can get yourself some poutine with bacon at The Garage. That’s pretty much the whole pitch — it has bacon. If that doesn’t win ya over, what will?
3001 60th St., Kenosha; (262) 564-5121

9) Lazy Susan MKE

Brunch Poutine, for the classiest among us, is available on Saturdays and Sundays at this Bay View restaurant. It comes with waffle fries, Clock Shadow cheese curds, sausage gravy, scallions, and an over-easy egg for ten brunch-tastic dollars.
2378 S. Howell Ave.; (414) 988-7086



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