How five local bands chose their monikers.

bliss & alice

“At the onset, [bliss & alice] acted as more of a category than this static title…a way to say, ‘happiness and the voice in your head.’” – Brandon Thomas, rapper

Brat Sounds

“I heard these young women talking
in shrill, Valley girl voices. They were too far away to make out words, but their voices cut through all the sounds of [Glorioso’s Italian Market] and I thought, ‘These girls are making brat sounds.’”  – Scott Cary, guitar/vocals

King Courteen

“The name comes from a 1913 warehouse in the Fifth Ward that housed the Courteen Seed Company. The name represents my love for Milwaukee, its history and a homage to the building owner who preserved its history.”  – Michael Gerlach, guitar/vocals

Midwest Death Rattle

“I am shy by nature, so there was a conscious effort to find a name that felt equal parts sword and shield. Midwest Death Rattle has always allowed me to channel what gets buried beneath too much Midwest-brand nice.” – Nick Perow, guitar/vocals

No No Yeah Okay

“No No Yeah Okay represents the internal thought process of every local publication that’s debating if they should cover our music. Most haven’t gotten past the first or second ‘No.’”
– Mark Gage, producer


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