What to Expect From ‘John McGivern’s Main Streets’

We talk to McGivern about his new show and what he’s most excited to share with audiences.

After a two-year hiatus from being in front of an audience, comedian and regional travel show host John McGivern is back on the road. His new show “John McGivern’s Main Streets” will premiere Jan. 30, and he couldn’t be more excited.

“I think we have a better product with this new show, and I am really thrilled to hear people’s reactions to this new piece,” McGivern said.

“Main Streets” features half-hour episodes that follow McGivern as he discovers the allure and charm of each Midwestern main street he visits. The program will make stops in six states and 13 cities across the Upper Midwest. Featured states include Wisconsin, Michigan, Minnesota, Iowa, Illinois and Indiana.

McGivern’s last project, “Around the Corner with John McGivern” ended after PBS decided not the renew the program in 2020 after nine seasons.



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“It’ll be interesting to see people find us on commercial television and to see how they compare the two shows,” McGivern said.

The shows, though similar in concept, are different in content. According to McGivern, “Main Streets” gives viewers an inside look into the places that he visits and is centered on that idea.

“We have a lot more that fills out all of our interviews with beautiful scenes and stuff that really gives you the feeling for the community,” McGivern said.

Lois Maurer, producer, says that the pull to the show will come from the realization that America’s main streets are still alive and well.

“I think people, no matter what community we go to, there’s going to be something they learn from it,” Maurer said. “I think they’re going to be so entertained by the stories that John tells and the things that he shows that they’re going to say, ‘that’s the best half hour I’ve spent this week.’”

McGivern, similarly, said that he hopes that the show inspires a positivity that has been hard to come by during the COVID-19 pandemic. By staying “all positive, all the time,” the host believes that “Main Streets” is just what viewers need right now.

“You’ll finish that half hour, you’ll feel good, you’ll feel warm, you’ll feel connected and you’ll feel positive about what just happened.”

“John McGivern’s Main Streets” is scheduled to air on these stations:

Further information regarding the program can be found on the “Main Streets” Facebook page. McGivern also wrote a series of articles about his time in different Wisconsin towns for Milwaukee Magazinewhich you can read here.