The rapper of the moment is making music about his mental health.

Sam Ahmed, who raps under the moniker WebsterX, unveiled the first single, “Blue Streak,” off of his debut album today. The song is about the depression he fell into in 2014, a time when he felt unmoored, unsure of his career path and low on cash. It was all enough that he decided to drop out of University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, he says. That’s when he decided to focus on his music full-time, an endeavor that began with a 2013 mixtape, and it seemed to pay off. The New Age Narcissism member’s 2015 song “Doomsday”  garnered national acclaim, and in September the Cody LaPlant and Damien Blue-directed music video for his song “Lately” – a trippy and stirring treatment of the song about the pressures of success, and his equally talented NAN collaborators – won a $5,000 prize from the Milwaukee Film Fest.

The depression wasn’t permanent, though. “I slipped back out,” he says, “and the lyrics on the chorus of ‘Blue Streak’ – ‘coulda been a low, but I rose, yeah I’m right now’ ring true.”

The rest of the album, which will be out sometime in 2017, he says, will also deal with his bout with depression. Listen to the single here: