We Tried It: Which Bacon Brand Is the Best?

Amid meat sweats and hot, spattering grease, our team of bacon-eaters have named the most delicious bacon ever.


Believe it or not, a public relations flak is to thank (or blame) for the ubiquity of bacon on American breakfast plates. Supposedly bacon – and the Thelma to its Louise, eggs – wasn’t much of a thing until the 1920s, when Edward Bernays (dubbed the inventor of PR) campaigned to get a doctor-approved message out to the public that this duo was truly the breakfast of champions. Their taste buds primed for battle, MilMag staff fired up a couple of electric skillets and put six bacon brands to an office blind taste test. The porky results might just make you squeal with joy.   

Behinds the scenes of Milwaukee Magazine’s bacon taste test; Photo by Brianna Schubert


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Sendik’s Applewood Smoked ($7.50) 

“Just the right combo of chewy and crispy, and sweet and salty.”

– Megan Guzman, Circulation and Marketing Manager

Photo by Navia-Ayauna Erbst


Nueske’s Applewood Smoked ($11)

“Those crispy edges melt in your mouth. Smoke- and salt-forward and pretty intense flavor, which is what I want in my bacon.”

– Chris Drosner, Executive Editor

Photo by Navia-Ayauna Erbst

Oscar Mayer Original ($9)

“This tastes like childhood. A good balance of salty and sweet. Fatty but also surprisingly meaty. I’d have this with a big stack of pancakes smothered in syrup.”

– Ann Christenson, Dining Editor

Photo by Navia-Ayauna Erbst

Usinger’s Applewood Smoked ($8.50)

“Hearty and thick, smoky and a little sweet – overall my favorite.”

– Brianna Schubert, Associate Digital Editor

Photo by Navia-Ayauna Erbst

The Rest:

Patrick Cudahy Original ($9)

“Fatty and practically no flavor.”

– Chelsea Mamerow, Art Director 

Photo by Navia-Ayauna Erbst

Boar’s Head Maple & Brown Sugar ($8)

“The pancake syrup flavor dominates – it’s overpowering.”

– AC

“Good peripherals, though – crispy/chewy texture was nice and it looks good.”

– CD

Photo by Navia-Ayauna Erbst


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