Video: Water Street Dance Milwaukee Is Excited for Nō Studios Dance Fest

The festival returns to Milwaukee this June.

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Water Street Dance Milwaukee is getting ready for Nō Studios Dance Fest later this month. 

“I always dreamed of having a dance company,” Artistic Director Morgan Williams says. “I feel like it is a need and a desire in the city that is growing and has a huge appreciation for art. Milwaukee needed a representation that looks like them and feels like them.” 

Nō Studios is bringing Dance Fest back to Milwaukee on Saturday, June 24 at Bayshore Mall. New York City’s Joyce Theater is a helping put on the event, which will bring together Milwaukee-area dance companies for a combined performance. 

“[The most memorable moments are] always that first view of the audience when you’re on stage and you’re like, ‘Ope, we’re about to do this thing for the people that decided to come sit and watch us,'” Artistic Assistant Kate Avala says. 

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More Photos: 

Water Street Dance; Photo courtesy of Nō Studios

Water Street Dance; Photo courtesy of Nō Studios

Water Street Dance; Photo courtesy of Nō Studios




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