Video: Milwaukee-Born Musician Kaylon Raps Talks Authenticity and Artistry 

Kaylon Raps is a singer, rapper and songwriter.

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Born and raised in Milwaukee, Kaylon Raps cites Lupe Fiasco, Kendrick Lamar and Jay-Z as some of his biggest influences. “Those are a lot of the artists I looked to help mold my craft,” he says. “They helped me push my pen to get better. … I want my art to be considered timeless with every record that I put out,” he says.  

Kaylon Raps is a singer, rapper and songwriter whose released several singles and an EP. Most recently Kaylon Raps released the single “Abstract.”  

“When I started pursuing music it really brought a tear to my pop’s eye,” he says. “Seeing something in him, knowing that it was something I was passionated about, helped me to want to pursue it more.” 

Karlon Raps is also a member of the collective Rooted Society, which formed in 2012 under founder Tae Spears. The collective is working on an album, slated to release in 2023.   



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