Video: Micah Emrich Is Loving Milwaukee’s Music Scene

See the alternative artist perform this Friday at Nō Studios.

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Micah Emrich grew up surrounded by music. Whether it was in church – his father is a pastor – or school orchestra, it was always a part of his life. Now, the West Bend native is making a career out of it in Milwaukee. 

“I’ve kind of been around music my whole life, but it wasn’t until about two or three years ago, kind of around just pre-pandemic time, I started taking music to another level – trying to publish it, trying to make it happen for myself,” Emrich says. 

Ask him to describe his sound and he’ll sum it up with two words: “Alternative everything.” He considers Justin Bieber, John Mayer and brakence some of his biggest influences. Emrich recently released Complacent, a genre-bending EP that draws inspiration from his life in the suburbs and working in a metal shop. 

“It’s just a reminder that I don’t want to get complacent in making my music, and in everyday life and everything,” he says. 

Hear more from Emrich in the video above or see him live in concert at Nō Studios. He’ll be performing at 7 p.m. on Friday, Oct. 14. For tickets and more information click here


Micah Emrich; Photo courtesy of Nō Studios
Micah Emrich; Photo courtesy of Nō Studios
Micah Emrich; Photo courtesy of Nō Studios
Micah Emrich; Photo courtesy of Nō Studios



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