Video: Meet 3 Exciting Local Musicians

This week, Nō Studios interviewed three Milwaukee musicians: Christopher Thompsons, aka C.T., PeezSW and Phif, aka Plead Tha Phif.

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C.T., raised on the North and East sides, first started making music in 2017. He’s also a co-founder and co-owner of 2035 Art & Media Studios, a creative studio in Milwaukee. “I always describe my music as, like, it’s soul and pain, and it comes from a place of true artistic integrity,” he says. “The truest thing is just staying to your sound and staying to who you are artistically because that’s what’s going to get you where you’re supposed to be.”

C.T. released two albums in 2021, The Next Episode and D.W.M.D. Dancing With My Devils.

PeezSW recorded his first song at 3 years old, after sneaking into his uncle’s recording studio. He spent his childhood writing on-and-off, and in 2017 started seriously pursuing music. “I try to be as versatile as possible,” he says. “I can be melodic with things, but I can also really get into it and spit bars.”

PeezSW’s first album, About Damn Time 2, is set to release soon. The first single, “All Summer” is out now.

Phif started writing in 2016 during a stint in prison. When he was released, he met up with friends involved music to start turning the songs he’d been writing into recordings. “Most of my music is relationship-based,” he says. “As men we’re so sheltered and closed off with our feelings that we don’t want to express how we feel. We feel like crying make you soft, but man look, I cried a million nights trying to figure it out.”

This year, Phif released several signals, including “Ain’t Perfect.” He’s currently working on an album, Potion Number 5.

See C.T., PeezSW and Pfif perform live Friday, Nov.114 at Nō Studios at 7 p.m. For tickets and more information, click here

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