Video: Emily White Wraps Second Season of Her Podcast

The bestselling author and hit music podcaster spent the past month recording at Nō Studios.

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Since mid-January Emily White has been hosting her hit podcast How to Build a Sustainable Music Career & Collect All Revenue Streams, from Milwaukee’s Nō Studios. Last week, she capped the second season of the podcast with a live recording.

Nō Studios released a recap of the second season this week, which you can watch above. White, who wrote a bestselling book of the same name, spoke with artists, talent executives, and other folks in the music business. Here are just a few of the pieces of advice and insight you’ll hear about the music industry:

Emily White: “It breaks my heart when I hear from up-and-coming artists who say, ‘Well I just want to be like Beyoncé and do a surprise drop.’ We’re not all Beyoncé yet. … You want to tease it out.”

Kennita Hickman (owner and Chief Culture Curator, Catera): “Look at social media as a tool. It’s a new thing that you can use on top of all of the other things that have worked for years.”

Ana Ochoa (singer, producer, multi-instrumentalist, sound engineer): “You need to know how to protect your art and to protect your ideas.”

Vernon Reid (of Living Colour): “Some songs almost write themselves and other songs are going to be works in progress. … I sometimes have to walk away from them but it’s important to record the progress as you go.”



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