Thunder Road

TaTiana Cash’s tips for avoiding the Milwaukee Rally’s hog clog

Every year, the Milwaukee Rally snarls Downtown and Lakefront traffic, adding some 30,000 or more Harley riders to an already motorcycle-obsessed town. The result is some of late summer’s biggest traffic jams. This year’s gantlet, running Sept. 1-5, will flood Water Street, Chicago Street, Milwaukee Street and Lincoln Memorial Drive with bandanas, sweltering leather, and really loud exhaust systems. TaTiana Cash, traffic anchor for WTMJ4-TV, recommends capitalizing on summer’s lighter traffic patterns if you’re planning a headache-free trip to or around the rumbling Rally. “Summer road relief is a real thing,” she says, particularly around lunch time. “Not as many folks are out because of shifting work schedules and school’s not being in.” Take advantage of the window, which opens at about 10 a.m. on city streets and 11 a.m. on the interstate and closes up around 3 p.m., she says, when the thunder starts to roar.


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