This Milwaukee Woman Was Crowned Mrs. Wisconsin

Mrs. Milwaukee is now representing the whole state.

Photo courtesy of Mrs. Wisconsin Pageant

Mrs. Milwaukee County Tamika Marable became Mrs. Wisconsin as she won the coveted crown at the 2021 Mrs. Wisconsin United States Pageant earlier this spring. 

The March 20th event, held at the Northwoods Center in Eagle River, featured 12 contestants aged 26 to 65 from all corners of the state as they competed for the sash, crown and honor of being this year’s Mrs. Wisconsin. 

For Marable, her journey to becoming Mrs. Wisconsin began over four years ago when she first entered the world of pageantry, and by 2018, she hailed the title of Mrs. Milwaukee County. Since then, her initial curiosity for pageantry has transformed into a passion that has given her the opportunity and platform to connect with and empower women of all ages.

“I realized the passion behind what the women were doing,” Marable reflected. “I realized that it was something that really inspired me to continue to be my best and allow the passion within me to come forth.”



A jewel in the crown of the largest pageant system available to married women, the Mrs. Wisconsin United States pageant celebrates the integration of intellect, beauty and community service of married women, as women with a ring on it compete to don the crown as well. However, more meaningful to Marable than the crown is her increased ability to inspire young people. After losing two of her sisters to a drowning incident over 20 years ago, she has centered much of her platform around teaching and inspiring youth through community service. 

“My hope is to be able to help young people grow in their purpose in life because my sisters didn’t have that opportunity,” Marable said.

Beyond her passion for youth inspiration, this year’s Mrs. Wisconsin also gives back through her non-profit Sisters Too Inc. which serves to improve the quality of life for women and girls by helping them build positive, healthy relationships. Marable is also an avid proponent for drowning prevention and increased water safety as she’s partnering with Milwaukee’s Empower Yoga to provide swim lessons to adults and children, as well as attending Milwaukee’s portion of The World’s Largest Swim Lesson on June 17.

Photo courtesy of Mrs. Wisconsin Pageant

Her community involvement resulted in her collecting the community service award at this year’s Mrs. Wisconsin pageant, a reward for what she “loves to do anyway.”

Along with this award and the esteemed title, Marable’s victory also earned her a prize package valued at almost $20,000, embellished with $1,500 cash and a trip to Florida where she’ll compete for the title of Mrs. United States in October.

For someone as passionate about community connection as Marable is, the real victory is in her increased ability to provide resources and support to more women and young people than ever before, and bringing her platform to compete on a national level will just be another way to do so.

“It’s really about continuing to grow to be the best that I can be for myself and in how I’m showing up for my community,” said Marable.