The Best Things to Do This Week, According to Our Editors: March 20

We recommend Vinchi’s pizza, stone crab claws, pull-tabs and more.

1. Crack Into Some Stone Crab Claws


Stone crab is in season (through May) and if you’ve never indulged, now’s the time.  My most recent experience with this delicacy was during a meal at the kitchen counter at Mason Street Grill (425 E. Mason St.). My server brought us a platter with two claws on ice and a mayo-based dipping sauce. Another plate held a shell cracker and a warm, wet towel – because eating stone crab claws is messy! So delicious, though. To get at the cool, creamy, sweet meat, use the shell cracker or even your hands to break it apart. Then it’s simply a matter of pulling out the meat, dipping it in the sauce and popping it into your mouth. Yum and yummer. And interesting little factoid – stone crabs become soft-shell crabs when they lose their shell.

2. Add Pepperoncini to Your Vinchi’s Pizza


Oh sorry, have you not yet treated yourself to Vinchi’s pizza? I guess we can start there. Head south on Howell right past Humboldt Park and stop in at The Bubbler (where Milwaukee drinks!). At first glance you’ve entered a bar recommendable in its own – friendly service, ice cold taps, dollar domestic taps during any Wisconsin sports – it has plenty to offer. Ask for a menu or head toward the back and you’ll be served by Vinchi’s, a restaurant within the bar that features excellent thin crust pizza and a variety of equally indulgent sandwiches and appetizers. Last weekend we added pepperoncini’s to our pizza and… wow, I was inspired to recommend it to all of you. Cheers!



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3. Go to Vintage 38


I went to not one, but two showers at this charming Greendale wine bar. It’s a great venue for parties, but it’s also favorite spot to sip with friends and catch up. The menu is lengthy and the staff is helpful if you have trouble deciding which pour is best for you. I highly recommend their selection of bubblies, which were flowing during both my parties. And shop around for quality bottles to stock up your shelves at home. 

4. Read About Pull-Tabs, Then Grab Some at Blackbird Bar


If you’ve flipped through a copy of our March issue, you maybe have noticed that one of the features was about pull-tabs. It’s such an interesting story about the history of how the “unofficial lottery” is legal, so definitely give it a read. And while you’re reading it, look out for the pictures of a smiling blonde pulling tabs and having a great time because, well… it’s me! The feature, and my MilMag modeling debut, actually inspired a recent trip back to Blackbird Bar with a couple of friends. The vibes at the bar were great, and we had lots of fun drinking local beers and, of course, partaking in some pull-tab shenanigans. 

Photo by Matt Haas

5. Watch Aftersun 


One movie feels like it’s been forgotten in the rush of Everything Everywhere Oscar wins – Charlotte Well’s Aftersun. The 2022 film netted Paul Mescal a much-deserved Best Actor nomination, but no other Oscar nods. It deserved a lot more, and this particular managing editor is here to stand up for it. Aftersun is a slow, quiet movie, no doubt, and I won’t deny that it might turn off more thrill-seeking viewers – but I also don’t care because it’s great. For the first half of the movie, at least, it’s almost hard to tell what exactly you’re watching. A father and daughter are on vacation at a resort, and they seem to be having a decent time, although there’s a certain sense of sadness between them. These vacation scenes are punctuated by unexplained cuts to a hellish nightclub, where strobe lights illuminate a bizarre, frantic dance scene. As the movie progresses toward its heart-rending conclusion, the meaning behind these quiet vacation moments and surreal dances becomes clear. I think Aftersun is better experienced than explained, and so I’m not going to say much more – except to note that it’s very good and very sad, and I haven’t been able to stop thinking about it since I watched it. I’d highly recommend giving it a shot.