Miller Park Stadium

The Best Things to Do This Week, According to Our Editors: June 28

Travel by train, enjoy a food truck festival and more in this week’s editor picks.

1. Go to a Brewers Game


After my first game at Mill… uh, American Family Field in about two years this weekend, I can confirm: It’s all still good. The crack of the bat, the roar of a normal-sized, non-recorded crowd, that satisfying crunch of cracking a peanut between your thumb and forefinger. The Racing Sausages, the follow-the-ball-under-the-helmet game, the nachos. Oh, and the Brewers! They’re good — in first place, with two legit Cy Young candidates in the starting rotation and hosting the second place (aka first loser) Chicago Cubs through Wednesday. 

2. Food Truck Thursdays at the Umbrella Bar


The Umbrella Bar is happening every Thursday with a collection of tasty food trucks and live music. The outdoor venue perched on top of a hill in Franklin is a perfect place to watch the sun go down and enjoy a bite.




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3. Order the Paella at Cavas


Paella is one of those dishes I don’t eat very often, and when I do, I think, “I need to have this more often!” The paella de mixta from the Spanish restaurant Cavas (401 E. Erie St., Third Ward) is rich and smoky, with a delectable assortment of seafood and meats, including chorizo and slow-cooked pork. It’s a must-try.

4. Consider a Day Trip


I took a trip to Chicago over the weekend. The weather wasn’t great, but the food (and the company) were! I sometimes forget how easy it is to catch a train down to the city. And I’d like to make a point of visiting more often this year. Especially once live theater returns!

Chicago. Photo courtesy of Getty Images.

5. Watch Bone Tomahawk


Ok, this one comes with a caveat right off the bat. This movie has one of the most violent scenes I’ve ever seen in my entire life, and I kind of wish I’d never seen it. So you might want to avoid that particular sight. It’s fairly obvious when it’s going to happen, so you could just look away (or if you don’t care about spoiler, Google it beforehand). But this movie is otherwise so good that I still have to recommend it despite that stomach-churning moment. S. Craig Zahler, a first-time director and longtime screenwriter and novelist, made this movie on a low budget in 2015. The script was high-quality enough to attract major actors like Kurt Russell, Patrick Wilson and Richard Jenkins, who worked for a very small payday. The story is set in the Wild West and kicks off with the kidnapping of a rancher’s wife. The rancher (Wilson) enlists the help of the sheriff (Russell), his deputy (Jenkins), and a mercenary (Matthew Fox) to go after the men who took her. What sets this apart from other westerns is the impeccable characterization. You spend long, meditative scenes with these men, talking about things as innocuous as reading in a bathtub, and the script is so pitch-perfect that it’s impossible not to begin caring about them. That means that when this western takes a sudden, violent turn toward horror, it’s that much more terrifying. Over the last thirty minutes, I found myself desperately hoping that Richard Jenkins character, Chicory, would be ok because that poor, sweet man didn’t deserve any of this. With a sparse musical score and unflinching direction, this movie isn’t like anything else Hollywood is producing right now, and it’s absolutely top rate.