The Best Things to Do This Week, According to Our Editors: Feb. 6

Get a custom flower bouquet, eat larb, go cross-country skiing and more.

1. Get a Custom Flower Bouquet at Milwaukee Public Market


Every once in a while my partner and I like to go over to the Milwaukee Public Market for a nice little date. This past Sunday, we decided to pop over because he said he’d been wanting to buy me flowers (ugh so sweet!). So, we stopped by Marius Bell Floral inside the Public Market for a custom floral bouquet. The florist asked what flowers stood out to me – I loved some purple carnations – and she built a bouquet around my picks. It only took 15 minutes, a perfect amount of time to stroll around the vendors at the market and grab a snack or two. The bouquet turned out gorgeous, and the experience was lovely. If you need a Valentine’s Day date idea, take note!

2. Go Cross Country Skiing


I love winter sports, and one of my favorites is cross country skiing. I like to go to Whitnall Park as many times as the snow allows in a season and explore the woods, fields and creeks. But there are so few opportunities to do it, because Whitnall Park does not make its own snow. So when it snowed a couple weeks ago, I was there while it was pouring down. The conditions were perfect! And they’re still pretty great, so take advantage of our wintery playground while its here.

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What’s Brew City’s best? We’ve picked 16 of our favorite Milwaukee craft beers for a March Madness-style tournament, but it’s up to you to pick the winner! Will it be bright and hoppy? Dark and malty? A zippy lager? Every one is worthy of the title; who will claim the sudsy crown?

3. Check Out Bay View Printing’s Valentine’s Day Cards


So, I was scrolling Instagram and stopped in my tracks (swipes?) when I came across Bay View Printing Company’s beautiful Valentine’s Day collection. It features cute, romantic and funny cards for all your valentines, galentines and anyone else. My personal favorite is one entitled, “Spinach in Your Teeth.” I’ll link it here so you can read the whole card, because it’s a bit lengthy to type out. It made me chuckle. Anyway, you can order the cards online or shop in store (2702 S. Howell Ave.) Monday through Friday from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. 

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4. Watch the Before Trilogy


Over these past few weeks, I finally got around to watching a series of films I’ve been meaning to for a while now – Before Sunrise, Before Sunset and Before Midnight – and they were phenomenal. The movies, released in 1995, 2004 and 2013 respectively, follow a man and woman played by Ethan Hawke and Julie Delpy, from the first day they meet on a train in Vienna, through a decades-long, complex relationship. They’re beautifully grounded movies about human connection, with long scenes of dialogue and heartbreaking insights into loneliness, aging and love. I’m well-known as a miserable person filled with hatred and bitterness, and yet these movies melted my heart. Can’t recommend them enough.

5. Eat the Larb From Mekong Cafe


I’ll be honest, I had a tough time deciding. There’s so much of interest in Mekong’s (5930 W. North Ave.) wide-ranging menu: Thai, Laotian, Vietnamese dishes all have appeal. But I went with something I’ve been wanting to try since I first heard about it in Ann Christenson’s awesome roundup of local Asian cuisine: the minced-meat salad called larb. I chose beef in my plate, and it was marvelous – a kaleidoscope of intense flavor anchored by the familiar combination of lime and cilantro that is fresh, bright and all new when melded in with the bean sprouts, onions toasted rice and savory meat. 

Photo courtesy of Mekong Café