Got a yen to raise a hen, an itch to strike it rich? Find out how, through these unusual classes offered by Milwaukee Recreation.

Sriracha Lovers Unite!
Make hot sauce from scratch with peppers from your garden and ignite the taste buds of your closest friends.

Ballroom Survival
Envious of the people gliding across the dance floor at weddings and reunions? Learn to waltz, fox-trot and cha-cha, and you’ll be the one sweeping wallflowers off their feet.

Urban Chicken Farming
Learn the basics of raising poultry in your backyard – now legal in Milwaukee and some suburbs – and the eggs will surely follow.

Treasure Hunting in the City
Take your family on an adventure to find hidden caches – containers of different shapes and sizes that hold knickknacks left by their previous discoverer.

Unearthing the Clutter-Free Office
A clean desk is a clear mind! Learn how to organize that pile of papers on your desk to reduce stress and increase productivity.

Goodbye Forever to the Couch Potato
Get yanked off that sofa and ready to run a 5K (3.1 miles) in six short weeks.

Homemade Makeup for the Down-to-Earth Girl
Did you know whale vomit and shark liver oil are common ingredients in cosmetics? Learn to make your own beauty products with ingredients you can find in your own kitchen.

Free Money for College
Thousands of scholarships and grants are available for students who know where to look. Do your parents a favor.

Registration runs through June 17. Call 414-475-8180 or visit for more information. 

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