Spring Into Fitness With Leaders On the Move

Want time with a college prez? Put on your running shoes and spring into fitness with leaders on the move.

When winter hits the Badger State, it hits hard. Wisconsin cold takes no prisoners, and jogging enthusiasts, like everyone else, may feel less compelled to leave their homes. But now that spring has arrived, fair-weather joggers can put on their windbreakers, go outside and make up for lost time. Need some inspiration? Students at Marquette University and Concordia University Wisconsin can find it at the top. Marquette President Michael Lovell and his counterpart at Concordia, Patrick Ferry, are avid runners.

Lovell formed a running group during his time as chancellor at University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. After moving on to Marquette, he formed a new group called Run with the President, now with over 250 members.

“At UWM and Marquette, I found you can build a greater sense of community through running,” Lovell says. “I am able to get connected to a diverse group of people that I would otherwise not meet on campus.”

When he was still at UWM, Lovell met Ferry and got Concordia involved with the Lakefront Marathon, which convinced Ferry to get more serious about running. “I had been a runner for many years before I met Mike,” Ferry says. “However, I was in a bit of a slump. The launch of the university marathon challenge between UWM and CUW re-energized my passion for running.”

With several marathons under their belts and the next Lakefront Marathon coming up in October, neither man will be off the trail soon.

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