Shop BIPOC: Parnell Accounting Solutions Is Helping Businesses Plan Their Financial Future

After years working in accounting, Latanza Parnell founded her own firm in 2019.

Photo courtesy of Parnell Accounting Solutions

The most rewarding part of Latanza Parnell’s job is seeing the relief and gratitude on her client’s faces when she helps them solve a problem. As the owner of Parnell Accounting Solutions, she helps business owners with every aspect of their financial health, from bookkeeping and tax preparation to restructuring and funding new initiatives.

“When I help my clients, it feels like I’ve made a difference,” Parnell says. “It’s a murky world out there when it comes to finances and tax law, and I know that I’m giving them peace of mind.”

After graduating from UW-Milwaukee with a degree in accounting, finance and business administration, Parnell worked as an accountant for several corporations.

“That was how I got my start, but I didn’t feel fulfilled,” she says. “I didn’t feel like I was really having an impact. So I ventured out on my own.”

She opened Parnell Accounting Solutions in 2019. Since then, she has grown a client base of businesses both in Wisconsin and around the country. She generates cash-flow projections, prepares financial plans and analyses for businesses looking to expand, and – particularly relevant now – handles tax preparation.

Parnell remembers one early client who had just started a business and was overwhelmed by the financial responsibilities. Parnell streamlined her financial process and helped her use accounting software to make sense of her situation. Now, the client’s business is successful and financially stable, with Parnell still consulting.

“That was an impactful moment,” she says. “You know, a lot of business owners are anxious when they call me – they’re learning more about what it takes to own a business. The more established owners want to take their operations to the next level. I’m simplifying it for them and helping them through.”

Parnell offers a 15-minute introductory call with potential clients, in which they can explain their needs and she can present the services she offers.  

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