The YouTube sensation kept the crowd on its toes as part of her "Brave Enough" tour.

Lindsey Stirling delivered an unforgettable performance of her “Brave Enough” tour to a high energy, sold-out crowd at the Riverside Theater Friday night. The 30-year-old’s bold, glitzy costumes allowed her to transform personalities from a punk-pop rocker in black sparkly shorts and suspenders, to a fairy princess in a blue ballerina gown. Plus, how many times have you seen a violinist accompanied by back-up dancers? (Outside of Irish Fest, people.)

The YouTube sensation, who has over 8 million subscribers, attracts a wide variety of fans, a fact that was underscored by this crowd’s diversity. Her rendition of “Something Wild,” which appears in the Disney film Pete’s Dragon, appealed to a Gen Z crowd while the classical sounds in “Transcendence” pleased everyone else. Stirling even managed to satisfy the gamer crowd by incorporating a video game-esque, digitized melody.

Far more moving was her tribute to former band member Jason “Gavi” Gaviati, who passed away in November of last year from lymphoma. A video montage played in the background as she performed the gorgeous “Gavi’s song,” a piece the two had started to write together.

Although flashing lights, music videos and projections took Stirling’s performance to a new level, Friday’s audience would have likely been just as satisfied if she had played acoustic.