Have you studied up? Or are we going to take you to school?

Disclaimer: We aren’t including Brightwood/Kaplan College, DeVry University or the University of Phoenix in this list, since none of them are actually based in Milwaukee — they just have campuses here. For this quiz, we’re only including post-secondary education institutions based within Milwaukee County…

Let's start with an easy one. What is Milwaukee's oldest college or university?

Founded in 1881, Marquette is four years older than UWM, which was founded as Wisconsin State Normal School, and six years older than Alverno, which was founded as St. Joseph's Normal School. Beloit College is the oldest continuously operated college in the state, tracing its roots to 1846.

Alverno College and Mount Mary University both admit primarily women. Which one of them has a larger enrollment?

Although you have to be a female to enroll as an undergrad, both Alverno and Mount Mary admit men into their graduate programs.

This school teamed up with the Milwaukee Bucks to develop the Sports Science Center on Sixth Street.

The facility reportedly cost $31 million.

Inside this school's library, you can find (what once was) the world's largest light bulb.

Photo courtesy of Reilly Flynn.

This school doesn't have an official mascot, so it took on an unofficial nickname: "The River Rats"

Don't ask where they got the name...

In May 2018, this college signed a 9-year-old girl, Jordan Moore, with a rare brain condition to its soccer team.

Multiple media outlets covered Moore's signing day, when the Franklin-native became an honorary team member.

Niche.com announced in 2018 that which college had the best dorms in Wisconsin?

Perhaps more impressively, Niche ranked Wisconsin Lutheran College's dorms No. 28 in the nation.

Ottawa University has a campus in southeastern Wisconsin, but it isn't actually in Milwaukee. What county is it located in?

The University of Phoenix's Milwaukee campus actually straddles the line between Milwaukee and Brookfield, just 15 miles northeast of Ottawa University-Brookfield. Also, Ottawa University's home base is in Ottawa, Kansas, not Canada.

Alright, last one. If you want to become a Catholic priest, you can study at a seminary in St. Francis. But which saint is the seminary named after?

Photo by James Steakley, courtesy of Wikipedia Commons.