Is Plastic Surgery Really About Vanity?

No, it’s about revealing confidence.

Some might think plastic surgery is focused on vanity, but that’s not how Dr. Maida Parkins likes to think of it. As a board-certified plastic surgeon specializing in full body rejuvenation, she believes plastic surgery is about instilling confidence. We sat down with Dr. Parkins and recent breast augmentation patient, Veronica, to discuss her plastic surgery experience and how the results helped reveal the part of her that’s been waiting to shine.

Dr. Maida Parkins’ Approach: “As a surgeon, the most valuable thing I can give my patients is my time.”

 Part of the reason Dr. Parkins became a plastic surgeon was for the chance to help people feel more body positive. Patients visit her for everything from removing excess skin after extreme weight loss, altering a body part that’s always made them self-conscious or just getting back to a pre-baby body. Seeing the happiness in her patient’s eyes after they’ve healed is inspiration to continue her work.

Aside from stunning physical results, giving patients her time and undivided attention is a crucial step towards making them feel at ease with surgical decisions. Surgery is a big decision in a person’s life and taking the time to understand a patient’s individual concerns and surgical goals creates the best experience possible. During consultations, she always allows ample opportunity for questions and aims to makes her patients feel as prepared and comfortable prior to surgery as possible.   

Recently Veronica got to experience Dr. Parkins’ approach to plastic surgery first hand. She always knew she wanted to have a breast augmentation but was too nervous go through with it. The usual pre-surgery thoughts crossed her mind, “What will people think about me?”, “What if something goes wrong?” But after noticing her girlfriends had opted for plastic surgery with great results, she decided to make her dreams come true.

While she wasn’t unhappy with her looks, Veronica never felt completely confident in her own skin.No matter what swimming suit or dress she wore, it never felt like her outside appearance matched how she felt on the inside—sexy, fun and outgoing. Like many women her age, her body was also working overtime. Between family, friends, career and education, self-care often took the back seat, until finally she decided it was her turn to be put first.

Veronica began researching breast augmentations in Milwaukee and stumbled upon, where she found Dr. Maida Parkin’s outstanding reviews. Her interest was immediately peaked and she filled out a complimentary consultation form via the Quintessa website. A week later her Quintessa story began.

Not quite sure what to expect, she came in for her consultation still a bit nervous about the procedure. However, Quintessa’s RN and Body Surgical Coordinator, Ashley, was quick to put her nerves at ease. Ashley went over the complete consultation process so there would be no surprises. She explained how she would first take some time to get to know Veronica and her body goals. Then Dr. Parkins would take measurements, go over the before and after of the procedure and snap some quick photos for surgical planning. Afterwards they’d go over a price quote.

Once Dr. Parkins entered the room, Veronica was happy to be met with a friendly, bubbly personality. Overall, the process was far less awkward and nerve wracking than she originally imagined. Dr. Parkins addressed a few personal concerns that Veronica had and answered the roughly 10,000 questions (as estimated by Veronica) she had about the procedure. Veronica was pretty impressed with her thoroughness and felt fully informed after their discussion.
Next came the fun part—picking out the implants!  Dr. Parkins walked Veronica through all of her implant options, explaining the pros and cons of each. Using Veronica’s goal photos for reference, they worked together to find the right implant size and type. Ashley took tons of photos as she tried them all on and even sent a few to Veronica’s hubby for a second opinion. After going through all of the options, Veronica chose the silicone gel implant which were the most natural option for the look she wanted to achieve.

Before leaving the consultation it was time to make things official. Dr. Parkins went over a price quote that aligned with Veronica’s budget and the surgery was booked for two weeks out. The procedure went exactly as expected and now one month post-op, Veronica is absolutely thrilled with the results. In her own words, “I feel amazing! I wonder every day why I didn’t do this sooner. The implants are setting in nicely and I am having so much fun picking out fun tops and swimming suits!”

Reveal A New You

You deserve to look and feel your best too! If you’re ready to achieve your ideal beauty, book a complimentary consultation with one of the experts at Quintessa. A new you may be closer than you ever thought possible.

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