October 2015: Reasons to Love Milwaukee

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50 Reasons To Love Milwaukee
It’s that time of year again when we haul out the nostalgia machine and count the reasons why the people, events and places make us appreciate living in Milwaukee.
Edited by Claire Hanan. By Kurt Chandler, Ann Christenson, Alexa Grunwaldt, Matt Hrodey, Marcella Jones, Sarah Lange, Howie Magner and Sara Trimble.

In a State of Transition
Banished and bullied, at least four transgender people have killed themselves in Wisconsin since 2013, two of them from the same high school. Yet emerging in unlikely places are pockets of support for transgender youth.
By Zach Brooke | Photos by Adam Ryan Morris

Agents of Change
Sharon & Larry Adams are into their second decade of rehabbing houses, planting gardens, raising bees and helping families. As they inch toward retirement, they’ve doubled down on plans to transform one of the poorest neighborhoods in the city.
By Georgia Pabst | Photos by Sara Stathas

The Demise of Bowling
Lanes closing. Leagues waning. HQ’s leaving. Has time finally passed by Milwaukee’s blue-collar pastime?
By Rich Rovito | Photos by Erich Schroeder

Power of Positive Thinking
Editor Kurt Chandler’s monthly letter to our readers.
By Kurt Chandler


To Scale
Yep, that’s a Lego version of City Hall. And no, you can’t have one for Christmas.
By Matt Hrodey

Dark Side
The rise and fall of a suburban hacker.
By Matt Hrodey

The Lion, the Witch, and the Cloakroom
We found out which of Wisconsin’s political scribes had sold the most units.
By Matt Hrodey

I’m Walking Here
See the state-of-the-art in Milwaukee crosswalks at Water and Seeboth streets in the Third Ward.
By Alexa Grunwaldt

Days at the Spa
A teacher creates a haven for overworked educators. 
By Colton Dunham

For the first time, Milwaukee is playing a major role in the Wisconsin Science Festival.
By Matt Hrodey

Fire Signs
By Matt Hrodey


Baggage Claim
These Kamryn Boelk is the woman behind the handheld hides and brass jewelry pieces that are as durable as they are eye-catching.
By Ann Christenson

The Fast and the Curious
We review Veloce Indoor Speedway.
By Howie Magner

A New Routine
Comedian, actor and podcast host Jacob Bach is completely comfortable making his guests squirm.
By Zach Brooke

The Musical Muse
One Milwaukee native found out what it’s like to be the central figure in a critically heralded nonfiction book.
By Kevin Mueller

Daily Motion
A new local dance troupe is bringing its art to the masses.
By Paul Kosidowski

A Boy Unbroken
By Sarah C. Lange

Don’t miss these musical performances, art exhibits and letter openers. Yes, really.
By Claire Hanan

Tapping into a Vein
We review The Artery.
By Matt Hrodey


This Old House
Eventually, the only things left to move out are memories.
By C.J. Hribal


Fan The Flame
Bittercube are marketing a blazing little bar tool called the cedar stick.
By Molly Rippinger

Latin Life
In a restored Downtown storefront, a couple puts their all into a little restaurant beauty they call Amilinda.
By Ann Christenson

Pretzel, Meet Mustard
In our most pungent Office Taste Test ever, our staff took on the condiment that defines everything from a hot dog to a Cuban sandwich.
By Ann Christenson

Dawn of the Bread
Oh, heavenly carbs. The morning is looking up when one of these pastries is in the vicinity.
By Ann Christenson

Island of Platanos
Indulge your dreams of plantains, pigeon peas and roast pork at the Puerto Rican Restaurant La Borincana.
By Ann Christenson

Culture Club
We review Alderaan Coffee’s homemade yogurt and granola.
By Ann Christenson


Marvin Pratt, 71, was Milwaukee’s first African-American mayor. He lost the job after three months, but he’s moved beyond a bitter campaign.
By Joel McNally


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