Fiserv Forum

New Fiserv Forum Tours Show Off the Arena

John McGlocklin, who played on the 1971 championship-winning Bucks team, made a surprise appearance on Wednesday’s tour of Fiserv Forum.

A 76,000-pound Jumbotron, court-side hydraulic lift seats and a candy lab only make up some of the stops on Fiserv Forum’s new tour.

The 90-minute public tour, which began April 19, takes guests around the $524 million arena, including its locker rooms and private suites.

Fiserv Forum
The view from the Panorama Club; photo by Hannah Hoffmeister

Instead of swiping ID badges, players gain entrance to the locker room with a station that scans their eyes. Today, the locker room’s whiteboard had a “6” in the top lefthand corner, where Bucks forward Giannis Antetokounmpo writes the number of games left to win the championship.

Jon McGlocklin, who played on the only Bucks team to win a championship, the 1971 team, made a surprise appearance in the locker room on the tour today too. He showed his championship ring, shook everyone’s hand and told the story of negotiating his contract in a phone booth to giggles from the crowd.

“I felt the connection to the Midwest … little did I know that 51 years later, I’d still be here, have the privilege of being through all the ownerships,” McGlocklin says. “It’s been a privilege to be able to stay in this community all that time.”

Fiserv Forum
A sculpture of a buck made out of basketballs and netting; photo by Hannah Hoffmeister

His former team is competing in NBA conference playoffs against the Toronto Raptors. Coming off a 120-102 loss Tuesday night, the Bucks are now tied 2-2 in the series and play next on Thursday at 7:30 p.m.

McGlocklin predicts the finals will go to a series-deciding seventh game.

“I’ve thought this series would go seven all along,” McGlocklin said. “I believe that if the Milwaukee Bucks today played their best game, and Toronto played their best game, I think we would win.”

The court-side views might have been the most impressive stop on the tour. The Bucks’ patented seats have heated coils and hydraulic lift systems, used to adjust the chairs’ heights to players’ preferences.

Fiserv Forum
The colorful “candy lab”; photo by Hannah Hoffmeister

“I think it’s fantastic,” Caroline Ryback, 86, says. Ryback came on the tour with about 11 other residents from St. Camillus retirement community. “I’ve always wanted to just come down and see it.”

Ryback went to a Bucks party Tuesday night, and then the opportunity to go on the tour came up, she says.

Fiserv Forum, which opened last fall, isn’t just home to the Milwaukee Bucks. It also hosts Marquette men’s basketball games and concerts, among them Ariana Grande, Miranda Lambert and John Mayer this summer. Guests on the tour get to see the room where every act sits and signs the brick wall.

Other highlights of the tour include:

  • The artwork, which includes an image of a buck hanging in the trophy room (“the most exclusive room in the building,” according to tour guide David Ambrose-Steckbauer) and a painting made by children hanging in the suites. The painting was made by rolling basketballs in paint, according to Ambrose-Steckbauer.
  • The Marquette men’s locker room, which was designed specifically for recruits and was one of the first rooms completed in Fiserv Forum.
  • The candy lab, a “by the pound candy store” for guests. The colorful interior of the space matches the whimsy of the candy in the shop itself.

Tours are $15 for adults and $12 for children, seniors and people in the military.