15 Milwaukee-Themed Halloween Costumes That Show Your MKE Pride

Looking for last minute inspiration? It’s all around you if you live in Milwaukee!

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1. Bronze Fonz

You could simply don a leather jacket and some hair gel and go as Fonzie from Happy Days. Or, you could take it one step further: pick up a can of gold hairspray and some bronze makeup to add to your look. Then transform into the iconic Bronze Fonz statue on the Milwaukee RiverWalk.


2. Milverine

He’s Milwaukee’s very own man/myth/legend: The Milverine even has his own Facebook page. This is a simple look that can be achieved by wearing a pair of blue jeans, a brown belt and white sneakers. Tuck a dishtowel in the waistband for the complete look. If you’re scared of getting a little chilly (or your six-pack is still a work in progress), slip into a Muscle Man Shirt, which you can find on Amazon or at most Halloween shops. Don’t forget the beard!

3. Racing Sausage

This one works best in a group of five, one for each varietal of processed meat: Brat, Polish Sausage, Italian Sausage, Hot Dog and Chorizo. Pick up a mesh laundry hamper like these enterprising fans have done and cut out a face hole at the bottom. Cover the hamper in tan fabric to create the ideal sausage head. Decorate and DIY it to create your favorite racer.


4. The Cast of Bridesmaids

This one’s a great option for a large group of girlfriends going out for the night. A hot pink dress with some ruffles and peplum will make you feel like you’re in the movie Bridesmaids, much of which notably took place in Milwaukee. To complete the look, rock a pair of white, open-toed heels, pink lipgloss and a pearl necklace. Don’t forget to style your hair with an excessive amount of hairspray to get that volume.


5. Your Favorite Brewer Player

This is the perfect last-minute costume for people who care more about sports than about Halloween. Support your team by strutting your stuff in a jersey. Add some sweatbands and athletic shoes if you’re feeling particularly ambitious. And if you want to go all out and remind everyone of one of this season’s funny moments, carry around a stool and recreate “Bat Boy’s” Mets upset.


6. Great-Great-Uncle Louie from Milwaukee Brewing Company

Found on both the Louie’s Demise and Louie’s Resurrection cans, Louie is somewhat of an iconic figure for the local brewer. Read more about his story, then cheers to his demise before donning your costume in homage. Unfortunately, you can’t change your head proportions for a costume, but you can channel Louie’s vibes by wearing a blue cardigan and grey pants and drawing X’s over your eyes. This is also a great couple’s costume idea: one of you can be the demise, and one the resurrection.

7. Kopp’s Custard Cow

Cow costumes are not exclusive to Chick-Fil-A day. Doctor up a pre-made cow costume to match the cows outside of Glendale’s Kopp’s location. Or simply wear all white and pick up some matching cow ears from a pop-up costume shop.

8. Allen-Bradley Clock Tower

Milwaukee is a beautiful city with tons of iconic architecture. The Allen-Bradley Clock Tower, affectionately known as the “Polish Moon,” is just one of the city’s standouts. Grab a green hat and green pants. DIY the clock face onto a white shirt. Bonus points for attaching a flag on top of your head.

9. Laverne and/or Shirley

The specter of Laverne & Shirley still haunts Milwaukee’s cultural identity, even 30+ years on. The 80s show, set in Milwaukee, was about best friends with opposite personalities, and while the dynamic duo wears a plethora of late-70s/early-80s fashion, no one will mistake your costume for a generic retro getup if you wear a light purple button-down with denim jeans. Lavernes, don’t forget to attach a scripted “L” to your top. And Shirleys, it’s time to break out your favorite ascot!

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10. Screech from “Saved by the Bell”

It turns out Dustin Diamond, who played the lovable Screech on Saved by the Bell, now calls Wisconsin home (Port Washington, to be specific). If you’ve dreamed of perming your hair, now is the time. Or go the easier route: curl your hair or pick up a wig at a costume store. Find a button-down shirt with a wild print to pair with colored, high-waisted pants. Lace up a pair of red Converse sneakers before heading out the door.

11. Milwaukee Art Museum’s Burke Brise Soleil

Arguably the most recognizable part of our city’s skyline is the Milwaukee Art Museum with its iconic “wings,” also known as the Burke Brise Soleil. The magic of watching the wings open and close never truly goes away. Bring your own magic to Halloween this year: Deck yourself out in white. Find a set of angel wings and cut slits in them to recreate the look of the museum’s wings. Or, spray paint the legs of a spider costume white for a similar effect.

The Milwaukee Art Museum’s Burke Brise Soleil. Photo by Fritz Juseak/Milwaukee Art Museum.

12. Charlie Sheen in Major League

Another iconic movie filmed right here in town: Major League. If you are a closet Indians fan, or (God help you), a closet Sheen fan, this is your time to shine. Layer your jersey over a navy or black turtleneck. The hat and white pants are a must. But the most pivotal piece of this look is nailing the glasses. Glasses are trendy right now and can be found for cheap if you don’t already have some. Hot glue a skull and crossbones to the bridge and you’ll have a home run-worthy look.


13. The Summerfest Logo

The lazy option: Dress all in red and paint or iron-on the iconic smiley to the front of your shirt. And the industrious option: construct a piñata-esque papier-mâché grin out of cardboard and tissue paper, and wear your hometown pride around your torso.

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14. Harley-Davidson Rider

The Harley Davidson museum is a tourist highlight, but it’s just as fun for residents. Show off your biker pride with simple blue jeans and a leather jacket. To truly ride off into the sunset, wrap a bandanna around your head, sport some sunglasses and add biker boots and a helmet. You could also consider growing a beard.

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15. Sculpture Milwaukee

Though 2017’s Sculpture Milwaukee exhibit along Wisconsin Ave. has sadly ended, you can prolong the memory of this summer’s coolest art display by dressing as your favorite sculpture. Incorporate color blocks into your outfit to represent “Mood Sculpture.” Or wear all blue before adding knick-knacks, such as dolls or tools, to your clothing to transform into “The Heart Called After the Flood.”

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