Milwaukee Artist You Should Know: Mudy

Allow us to introduce you to Mudy

After releasing her latest single in December, Mudy is ready to put herself out there. The Milwaukee rapper rhymes in cold, often hilarious fits of smack talk that typically reveal more about herself

than whoever she’s cutting down. Until this winter, she’s kept a low profile, releasing just a handful of songs a year. Now Mudy says she’s ready to capitalize on the buzz she’s built and make a push for an audience beyond Milwaukee.




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What do you think it is that separates you from other rappers?

I just really enjoy talking my shit in a way that happens to flow very well over beats. And I’m Mudy: There is no box to put me in. I like being in spaces that are challenging to me. I’m non-conforming.

You record a lot of music but you haven’t released most of it. How do you decide what you release and what stays private?

The reason I wasn’t releasing a lot of music before is because it was really personal. I wasn’t in a space at the time where I was willing to share what I was actually going through with people. But now I’m in a different space. I want to go there.

I feel like the more real shit you go through, the more people relate to it. I don’t want to just make turnup songs for the clubs; I want to make songs for moments of your life, songs where people are like, “Damn, I feel this.”

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