MilMag Live April 2017: Talk Radio

Meet the Panelists of Our Next MilMag Live: Talk Radio

In the fourth event of the monthly MilMag Live! series, panelists will discuss the future of talk radio and how it will be affected by the Age of Trump.

These chaotic political times have changed the landscape of Milwaukee’s talk radio scene. Trump’s presidency has polarized the nation, and in some cases even created a divide within the Republican party. How has conservative radio been affected by the Age of Trump? Can Wisconsin liberals use talk radio to regain the upper hand? 

We’re bringing our pages to life and sparking conversation in the Milwaukee community with our monthly event series, MilMag Live! @ the Back Room at Colectivo. At the April 10 event, a panel of talk radio hosts with a diverse range of political beliefs will be discussing the future of Talk Radio in the Age of Trump.

Let’s meet the panel!

Photo by Dominic Salvia

Mike Crute

Job Title: Talk Show Co-host
Radio Station: WRRD – 1510 AM
Political Affiliation: “Progressive Berniecrat”
Length of Broadcasting Career: 5 years

In my opinion, progressive radio has seen rapidly expanding listenership, mirroring NPR and MSNBC ratings since Election Day.

Earl Ingram Jr.

Job Title: Talk Show Host
Radio Station: WRRD – 1510 AM
Political Affiliation: Independent
Length of Broadcasting Career: 10 years

[Talk radio] hasn’t changed from the conservative side of things [since Trump became president].

Vicki McKenna

Photo courtesy of iHeartMedia

Job Title: Talk Show Host
Radio Station: iHeartRadio Milwaukee and iHeartRadio Madison (1130 WISN/AM 880 WMEQ/WIBA-AM)
Political Affiliation: Republican
Length of Broadcasting Career: 23 years

I think radio generally has changed a lot over time, but I really don’t think much has changed for our business since Trump took office. The listeners and advertisers still come first. We’re still trying to make sense of chaos. It’s still about entertainment and information. 

I do think some hosts personally had a hard time adapting to Trump as a candidate (not as much as a president). I certainly did. Since he has become president, the unhinged, chaotic reaction from his political enemies is familiar and unsurprising, especially to Wisconsin talk show hosts. We’ve lived through the Act 10 uprisings, multiple rallies and protests, and the recall elections. The reaction to Trump might seem bizarre to the rest of America, but it doesn’t seem all that unusual to me.

Dan O’Donnell

Job Title: Talk Show Host
Radio Station: 1130 WISN
Political Affiliation: Conservative
Length of Broadcasting Career: 15 years

The biggest difference I see [since Trump became President] is that now conservative talkers are openly opposing a Republican president on nearly every issue – something that didn’t really happen under Reagan or the two Bushes.

Jerry Bader

Job Title: Radio Show Host, regionally syndicated in Wisconsin; Communications Director for Media Trackers
Radio Station: WTAQ: 97.5/1360, Green Bay; 99.9/550, Wausau; 1330 Sheboygan

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Elisabeth Wallock is a contributing digital editor at Milwaukee Magazine. She graduated from Colorado State University and has interned at Marie Claire in New York and Urban Outfitters in London.