Meet Milwaukee’s Expert of the Month: Matt Retzak

The project designer and coordinator shares tips on remodeling your home.

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MATT RETZAK HAS BEEN WORKING in the home industry for 19 years with Bartelt. He oversees the remodeling process, from discussing the first idea to installing the last furnishing. We asked him to share his design expertise. 

What advice do you have for a homeowner deciding on a style for their remodel?  

Try hard to stay away from trends, and consider more classic looks, something that’s not going to be out of style in five years. When it’s time to sell the home, you don’t want to say, “Oh, this was done in 2022, so we have to redo the kitchen.” Natural materials are always in style. Whether it’s a pre-World War II home or brand new, you see stone or brick fireplaces, wood flooring. You can introduce trendy styles with furnishings or paint, things that are easily changed. We’re seeing brighter colors in paint – people avoiding neutrals and choosing something bold for walls and ceilings. 

What should a homeowner look for when choosing a remodeler?

It’s a relationship. You should have a couple of meetings before deciding. Try to have the initial meeting with the remodeler at your home, where you share your needs, wants and wishes for the project. Then have a follow-up meeting where the remodeler walks you through a project they’ve worked on before, maybe one that’s in progress. Talk to a homeowner they worked with previously. It’s about finding a remodeler you feel like you can partner with for the long term. 

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