Meet Milwaukee’s Expert of the Month: Mark Krause

The funeral home owner offers tips on end-of-life planning.

Mark Krause, Krause Funeral Homes & Cremation Services; Photo by Linda Smallpage, Boutique Photographer


WITH FOUR MILWAUKEE-AREA LOCATIONS, Krause Funeral Homes is the largest funeral service provider in Wisconsin. Mark Krause is the third generation to run this family business. We asked him to share his expertise on planning a funeral here.

How does the modern funeral look different from the traditional one?

Our goal at Krause Funeral Homes is to get rid of the grim old funeral and make them more celebratory. We’re trying to create an environment where people feel relaxed and comfortable. You think about funerals of the past – everyone sat in rows of chairs, they were just whispering, it was uncomfortable. We got rid of the rows of chairs and created our visiting rooms so they’re more like living rooms so people will want to talk and visit. In our funeral home, we offer a therapy dog. We offer a motorcycle hearse. And we have banquet rooms and bars. A funeral is another family event – and what do you do at every family event? You eat and you drink and you socialize and tell stories. 

Why should someone plan ahead for a funeral?

Planning ahead makes things much easier on your family. Think about the worst moments in life – often it’s the death of someone. The emotions make decision-making difficult. Many family members are usually involved. How often do families agree on everything? Not very often. Planning ahead allows you to put all those funeral plans down. You can really make that funeral how you want it and ultimately make it more meaningful for your family.

Krause Funeral Homes & Cremation Services
7001 W. Brown Deer Rd.
9000 W. Capitol Dr.
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