May 2015: 41 Sandwiches

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Bread Winners
Attention all you same-old, same-old sandwich eaters. It’s time to stop settling for two-handed inferiority. There’s none of that in our 10 pages of breadbox victories. These 41 large and in-charge picks follow the something-for-everyone mantra — saucy meatballs, chicken chef d’oeuvres, Vietnamese banh mi, meaty towers of Pisa, unorthodox deliveries and the drippiest, dreamiest Reubens (as offered in a particularly soulful quest for the best). Unsurprisingly, the carb czars get by with a little help from their friends, so we also reveal the sides that make a sandwich a meal. All of this should prove that a sandwich is never just a sandwich.
Edited and written by Ann Christenson. With Claire Hanan and Howie Magner. 

Murder of a Tyrant
Karl Lotharius worked in a beer hall in Germany as a boy as the Nazis came to power. Immigrating to Milwaukee years later, he opened two popular bars, Oliver’s and Von Trier. Lotharius was a large man with a mean streak. Somebody hated him enough to murder him in 1981. Police still don’t know who. 
By Zach Brooke

The Selling of Abilify
How a risky psychiatric medication became America’s highest-grossing drug. 
By Matt Hrodey

From Murder to Meatballs
Editor Kurt Chandler’s monthly letter to our readers.
By Kurt Chandler


The New Math
Optional homework? Do-over exams? A novel way of grading is growing in popularity.
By Jane Hampden

Hot Potato
Now widely supported, right-to-die legislation has followed a winding path worthy of the “Family Circus.”
By Claire Hanan

Last Witness
A camera that follows people — all the way to their grave.
By Kristine Hansen

Wheels on the Bus
Strategies for speeding up our local transit system.
By Aimee Robinson

Edited by Ann Christenson

In This Corner
The owner of Cream City Boxing delivers his one-two punch inside and outside the ring.
By Tim McCormick

Laying Foundations
Could an educational program help change the face of local development?
By Kay Nolan

Brain Gain
How a world-renowned neurosurgeon is making medical history in Milwaukee.
By Carolyn Kott Washburne

Fringe with Benefits
Ogle this: a trend that can be embraced by any size at prices that would please any wallet. Milwaukee’s shops and sites have fringe-ified options for any section of your closet.
By Claire Hanan


Make a Little Birdhouse in Your Soul
The daughter of two accomplished parents counts grosbeaks and waxwings to satisfy her gnawing ambition.
By Carolyn Kott Washburne


New Direction
After its performances this month, Uprooted Theatre will be heading down a different path.
By Paul Kosidowski

Best Bets: May


Kama Sushi
Farwell Avenue’s Rice N Roll cycles smoothly through tempura, sashimi, pad thai and other Japanese-Thai specialties.
By Ann Christenson

A Peek-a at Tikka
A lesson in ordering Indian at a new Tosa restaurant.
By Ann Christenson

Eyes on the Pies
Valeri Lucks talks about the flaky enigma that dominates the bakery case at Honeypie, where she’s chief executive pie maker.
By Ann Christenson


Mark Williams
Mark Williams retired in December after handling more than 700 murder cases as Milwaukee County’s top homicide prosecutor. He’s done with death.
By Zach Brooke

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