It‘s a fest for the fishes!

Having things to look forward to helps keep spirits up when enduring winter. So if January has you down, stay focused on the Fond du Lac Sturgeon Spectacular, Feb. 6-9. Sturgeon-stabbing season starts Feb. 8, but there is more happening on Lake Winnebago than just a bunch of people waiting around with spears.

On the ice, recent fests have featured motorcycle and snowmobile races, while on land, there are music tents and throngs of people partying like Wisconsinites do after being house-bound for a month or two. That pent-up energy, stoked with kegs of beer, equals good times.

And if your day won’t be complete without seeing one of the living fossil fish up close and personal, head to Wendt’s on the Lake, one of several sturgeon weigh-in stations.




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