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A Wisconsin-based roaster -- known for award-winning coffee -- debuts its very first cafe.

Raise your mug for the grand opening of Kickapoo Coffee Roasters (232 E. Erie St., Third Ward) on Saturday, December 19. The first café opened by Viroqua, Wisconsin-based Kickapoo has come together rather inconspicuously. Café co-owner Scott Lucey and his partners recently installed their sign, but butcher paper-covered windows keep curious coffee freaks (present company included) from any peeking. But Lucey – who spent 12-plus years at Alterra-cum-Colectivo Coffee – is putting the pedal to the metal on the 19th, when he’ll officially roll out the espresso menu, along with a small, focused food menu (cookies, coffeecake and biscuits, including biscuit sandwiches). If you’re not familiar with Kickapoo, learn about the company and its coffees here. Saturday morning kickoff time is 7 a.m. The location is a half-block east of Hinterland.



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