January 2014: Ruins of the City


No Occupancy
Photography and text paint a sobering picture of abandoned houses in Milwaukee.
By Matt Hrodey / Photos by Adam Ryan Morris

Natural Selection
Cathy Stepp has made some controversial moves as state DNR secretary. Is the department drifting away from its mission?
By Maggie Ginsberg-Schutz

Taking Stock
Pair these engaging excerpts from chef Sandy D’Amato’s new memoirs, Good Stock: Life on a Low Simmer, with a nice glass of wine and a comfy chair.

In Memoriam
Betty Ewens Quadracci


Goodwill’s Good Deal
The local arm of the nonprofit giant pays many of its disabled employees less than minimum wage and vigorously defends the practice.
By Abby Callard

Happily Ever After?
City officials once foretold a decimation of neighborhood libraries. Then they changed their tune.
By Larry Sandler

One for the Little Guys
In the Affordable Care Act era of health insurance coverage, one David goes up against an army of Goliaths.
By Carolyn Kott Washburne 

Perfect Scents
From spices and orange to cashmere and cassia, these winter fragrances run the gamut of tastes to keep you heavenly scented all season long.
By Claire Hanan / Styled by Lizzy Lovas


My Father the G-Man
His dad’s sharp sense of humor left scars. But when dementia and cancer closed in, father and son made peace by reviving escapades of the old man’s glory days.
By Joel Kriofske


Where the Wild Things Are
For Debra Loewen, dance performances are all about location, location, location.
By Paul Kosidowski 


Ardent Desire
Chef Justin Carlisle has created an ambitious little restaurant – a place where he does it all on his own terms.
By Ann Christenson

Tea-ry Eyed
The Pfister Hotel pays homage to that harbinger of gentility – the afternoon tea.
By Ann Christenson

Chefrigerator: Dan Van Rite
The fridge is a window to the soul. The chef’s soul. We asked our very first fridge subject, Hinterland’s Dan Van Rite, not to purge or clean his home fridge before we snapped some pics. Our consensus: suspiciously neat.
By Ann Christenson


Laura Gordon
Actor/director Laura Gordon, on theater’s place in the world, what bugs her about, well, actors and more.
By Kurt Chandler


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