There's a to-die-for Halloween display not far from the city limits.

If you’re driving along Holy Hill Road near Hubertus and spot a small crowd standing by the side of the road, don’t be spooked. They are just there to gawk at the tableau of skeletons in the yard of 5256, artfully arranged by diehard Halloween fan Jimmy Zamzow.

About 20 years ago, Zamzow received a pair of life-size, fully articulated plastic skeletons as a gift. Instead of stuffing them in a closet somewhere, he started displaying the bony clones on a small patch of State Highway 167 frontage during the Halloween season.

In 2009, he created the first of his more elaborate displays – “Bone Deans” paid homage to the popular Waukesha band the BoDeans and featured lights, music and fake skeletons with real instruments. Last year’s “Stairway to Heaven or Highway to Hell” incorporated a full-size set of stairs and an arched bridge. This year’s as-yet-untitled display, rumored to involve race cars, runs from mid-October through early November.

Zamzow, a professional carpenter who builds much of the displays himself, says that, despite their focus on Halloween, they’re intended to be “cute and funny, not gory or offensive.”

If you can’t see the show in person, visit the Holy Hill Skeletons Facebook page.

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