Here’s What You Missed in Wisconsin This Week: April 15

A porcupine baby, drone racing, fantastic sales and more make our roundup.

A New Baby Porcupine at the Zoo

Quinn and Seamus are just a couple of crazy porcupines in love. Last year, the two Milwaukee County  Zoo residents had a baby, Bristle, and now the wild lovers have had yet another. The little one is still too small to identify its sex and it hasn’t been named yet, but it’s healthy and growing, and the porcupine family is living happily together with a pair of armadillos named Mona and Mira. 

You Can Buy an Old School Building in Cudahy

The former Lake School building in Cudahy hit the real estate market this week for only $390,900, which is a pretty good deal for our housing market right now. Assuming that you want to live in a school, that is. Personally, I’m planning to put in a bid so I can finally open Archer’s School of High Fashion, which has long been my dream. Morning’s will begin with a daily tallying of each student’s Kohl’s Cash. Then it’s time for class. We got: “Sniff and Pray: How to Tell if You’ve Worn That T-Shirt Too Many Times,” “Slap Some Duct Tape on It: Practical Fashion in the 21st Century,” “XYZ: Never Leave the Bathroom Without It,” “Argyle: Why Not?” and “It’s Part of the Design: Turning Stains Into Statements.”

Milwaukee County Has the Lowest Per Capita Homelessness Population in the Country

Normally any news about homelessness is bad news, so we’re thankful to have something positive to report this week. According to the Housing and Urban Development’s annual Homeless Populations and Subpopulations Reports, Milwaukee County has the lowest per capita unsheltered homeless population in the country. Since the county invested in a “Housing First” approach, which aims to get homeless people into permanent housing first before addressing other factors that contribute to homeless like mental health and drug use, the county has seen a 92% drop in the unsheltered homeless population.

414 Day (Subscribe to This Magazine!)

Thursday was April 14, also known as 414 Day, a time of celebration for Milwaukee. It’s also the day we do our biggest annual subscription sale, a full year for $4.14. That’s a phenomenal deal – and maybe you just missed it. But that won’t stop me from pitching a subscription to you. Because this magazine is awesome (and not just because it allows me to write these columns). With a subscription, you get to read all the stories that I write for print. Now I realize I might have just convinced you not to subscribe – but wait! There are many other writers who work here – talented ones – and a phenomenal art team that makes every cover a painting. (Not literally. That would be odd. Metaphorically, in that the covers look really good). Also, I’ve decided that for every new subscription we sell, I will eat a raw rutabaga. I’m not sure how exactly this is an incentive for you, but still, something to consider. 

Professional Drone Racing is Coming to Milwaukee

From April 29-May 1, the world’s largest drone racing league, MultiGP, is coming to Milwaukee’s Pettit National Ice Center. Drones will be flying up to 120 mph over the ice, while the pilots sit to the side wearing these odd-looking goggles with screens that allow them to see from the drone’s point of view. They will be competing for $25,000 in cash prizes. 



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The Exclusive Company Shuts Down All Locations

The beloved Wisconsin vinyl chain, The Exclusive Company, is officially packing it in over the next few months. They are liquidating all inventory at their six Wisconsin locations. A few of those locations, yet to be announced, will be replaced by other independent record shops. For now, we know the East Side one is going to become Lilliput Records. It’s nice to see that the vinyl era isn’t completely done, but this closing still marks the end of an era.

I Went on the Radio

Do you hate yourself? Are you feeling guilty about something in your past and want to make yourself suffer? Well, do I have the thing for you. I was invited on WUWM’s Lake Effect this week to talk about Pig, which I thought was the best movie of the year. If you care to listen to the interview, you’ll find that I sound like a stuffed-up sociology TA who can’t get any of his students to respect him. It’s insufferable. And that’s not to mention my inarticulate answers and the idiotic ideas I spout nonsensically throughout. But otherwise, it’s a pretty cool interview. 



Archer is the managing editor at Milwaukee Magazine. Some say he is a great warrior and prophet, a man of boundless sight in a world gone blind, a denizen of truth and goodness, a beacon of hope shining bright in this dark world. Others say he smells like cheese.