Get Fit Fast

Some of the most effective ways to get in shape can also be fun. And they’re offered in a group setting, so you don’t have to sweat solo.

Paleo Fitness: Work out like the cavemen of yesteryear. Photo by Keen-Eye Photography.
Paleo Fitness: Work out like the cavemen of yesteryear.
Photo by Keen-Eye Photography.

30-minute Kickboxing

➸ What is it?
The perfect workout for someone with the attention span of a millennial. There are no class times at 9Round. Just get in, get to a station and rotate every three minutes. In a half-hour, you have a full-body workout, and the personal trainers are right by your side to keep you moving.
➸ Where can you do it?
The Milwaukee area has several 9Round locations, including Downtown, Brookfield, Whitefish Bay, Waukesha and New Berlin. Check


➸ What is it?
The one-hour class sounds like child’s play, but it boasts major cardio benefits. Trampoline jumping improves core strength and coordination. The total-body workout can burn up to 1,000 calories per hour.
➸ Where can you do it?
Helium Trampoline Park (16235 W. Beloit Rd., New Berlin,


➸ What is it?
So you’ve tried Pilates and maybe got a little bored? Add a little bounce with low-impact cardio and you have Cardiolates. Rebounding, or bouncing on a small trampoline, adds a full-body sweat session that can improve balance and help lower blood pressure. The class sneaks in traditional Pilates moves to tone right on the trampoline.
➸ Where can you do it?
The Lift (383 W. Brown Deer Rd., Fox Point,

Functionally Fit

➸ What is it?
Chances are you’re not lifting weights properly. Functionally Fit teaches functional movements and basic old-time lifts using kettlebells, body weight, barbells and Plyo boxes. In an hour or less, you’ll be spent. It’s safe for any level of fitness and a fine way to build strength without the weight room woes.
➸ Where can you do it?
Superb Health (2625 S. Greeley St.,

Naturally Fit / Paleo Fitness Boot Camp

➸ What is it?
Relearn how to move, and let nature be your playground while you do it. The foundation of Paleo Fitness is natural movements – climbing, jumping and the like. The one-hour class blends balance and coordination with strength and cardio. This holistic approach to fitness makes moving as you age safer and a little more graceful.
➸ Where can you do it?
North Point Lighthouse in Lake Park (2650 N. Wahl Ave.,

Spire Crew

➸ What is it?
Fans of the Netflix series “House of Cards” will recognize the WaterRowers at Spire Fitness, with their signature water-filled flywheels that mimic the feel of rowing on a river. Whether you are pondering your political philandering or just burning cals, the meditative rowing motion will mellow you out. The 45-minute class is broken into four sequences of sprint intervals interspersed with blasts of pushups, squats, crunches and other basic exercises off the machine.
➸ Where can you do it?
Spire Fitness (102 N. Water St.,

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