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7 Former Milwaukee Film Festival Flicks that You Can Stream Right Now

When “Netflix and chill” actually means “Netflix and chill.”

Some of the most critically acclaimed films shown at the Milwaukee Film Festival in years past are now available online. Here are seven fresh picks for your next movie night:

AlphaGo; image courtesy of Milwaukee Film

1) AlphaGo, 2017

Available on: Netflix
100% fresh

In this poignant documentary, the world’s best Go player faces off against the world’s most sophisticated AI.

2) Imperial Dreams, 2014

Available on: Netflix
91% fresh

Before he started playing Finn in the latest Star Wars reboot, John Boyega starred in this poignant drama about a young man who struggles to turn his life around after a stint in prison.

Blue Valentine; image courtesy of Milwaukee Film

3) Blue Valentine, 2010

Available on: Netflix
87% fresh

Michelle Williams and Ryan Gosling deliver sterling performances that elevate this gripping drama about a failing marriage above typical popcorn fare.

4) The Last Laugh, 2016

Available on: Netflix
100% fresh

Are some topics – like the Holocaust – too terrible to ever joke about? The creator of this documentary poses that question to Mel Brooks, Sarah Silverman and other accomplished comedians.

5) Finders Keepers, 2015

Available on: Netflix
98% fresh

This fascinating documentary delves into the story of a recovering addict and amputee who mounts a campaign to reclaim his mummified leg from a local man who found it in a grill he bought and refuses to give it up.

The Act of Killing; image courtesy of Milwaukee Film

6) The Act of Killing, 2013

Available on: AmazonPrime
96% fresh

The subject of this deeply disturbing but beautifully shot documentary is the leader of an Indonesian death squad who spends a fortune to to make himself a movie star.

7) Under the Shadow, 2016

Available on: Netflix
99% fresh

In this skin-crawling Iranian horror flick, a mother living in war-torn Tehran becomes convinced that something evil has crept into her home.



Lindsey Anderson covers culture for Milwaukee Magazine. Before joining the MilMag team she worked as an editor at the Museum of Contemporary Art Chicago and wrote freelance articles for ArtSlant and Eater.