December 2014: Best New Restaurants


Best New Restaurants
A vibrant restaurant scene is a measure of a city’s growth. With standouts like these 19, the future’s looking bright.
By Ann Christenson

(Just Like) Starting Over
The unimaginable tale of how the death of a Beatle wrecked – and restored – one Waukesha family.
By Tom Matthews

Tammy Baldwin’s Long Game
What has the Madison progressive made of becoming the country’s first openly gay senator?
By Matt Hrodey

Food for Thought
Editor Kurt Chandler’s monthly letter to our readers.
By Kurt Chandler


Catch-Up Course
Three years ago, Republican Gov. Scott Walker set out to rescue reading scores in the state. What happened?
By Monique Collins 

Early Risers
Where to prolong one’s World Cup-related fandom in Milwaukee this winter.
By Michael Bleach

The King of Candid
Daniel Arnold finds strangers in a familiar land.
By Thomas Connors 

Brownie Points
Love your Colectivo? Not like these people.
By Aimee Robinson 

Home Improvement, Jetsons Style
Within the “Internet of Things,” hooking up household utilities and appliances to talk to each other is a Saturday-afternoon DIY project.
By Dan Shafer

Cool as Ice
The Pettit National Ice Center draws thousands of athletes, and they’re not all aspiring Olympians
By Tim McCormick 

Build-Out…And Up
For years, the intersection of Brady and Water streets was a development dead zone. Now, that’s changing. Quickly.
By Dan Shafer 

E-Smoke Signals
Evidence shows switching to e-cigarettes can help improve a smoker’s health in the short term, but long term, there’s much we still don’t know about “vaping.”
By Sara Rae Lancaster

Meteor Shower
These earthly pendants provide a subtle take on the “statement” necklace. It’s a look we’d happily rock.
By Claire Hanan


No Goodbyes
A mother struggles to find a new normal after her 19-year-old “miracle child” overdoses on heroin.
By Leah Dobkin


Safety in Numbers
Coinciding with World AIDS Day, local and national artists use expired condoms to create surprisingly poignant pieces.
By Claire Hanan 

Best Bets: December
The Polar Express, Shakey Graves, Canopies and more.


Darienne Driver
Darienne Driver is the first female superintendent of MPS – and one of its youngest. It’s a pressure-cooker job, but she is prepped for the test.
By Larry Sandler


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