Cripes Almighty! Why Haven’t You Watched the Manitowoc Minute’s Coronavirus Videos Yet?

Charlie Berens is the comedic hero Wisconsin needs right now.

We’ve always loved the Manitowoc Minute. For years it has given us a reason to look forward to Mondays. Charlie Berens brings us together as Wisconsinites to talk, think and laugh about some of the craziest things that happen in our state. 

And with the entire state of Wisconsin on a mission to socially distance ourselves and flatten the curve, Berens has created some of our favorite videos yet. 

Following are the first three of what we imagine are many to come:

1. How to Make A Brandy Old Fashioned (and fill out the 2020 Census) – Quarantine Kitchen

With bars closed, it’s pretty much essential to learn how to make a brandy old fashioned for yourself as soon as possible, otherwise you might just shrivel up and die. This video is not only informational, but it is also a true testament to why old fashioneds taste so much better in Wisconsin. 


“And, by the way, we’ve got a virus going around, so make sure you disinfect your hammer.” 


How Wisconsin Became the Buckle on the ‘Brandy Belt’

2. Coronavirus, Giannis Antetokounmpo, Voting – Manitowoc Minute: Episode 54

The 54th episode of the Manitowac Minute hits close to home. Berens runs through local headlines and fears that lent and fish fry Fridays are canceled. He gives some sound advice for how to practice social distancing and the Craigslist Kicker is an amazing score. 


“Here’s a tactic sure fire to work for all of you: Just grab a fishing pole and if anyone gets in your casting zone, say ‘If you ain’t a bass, watch your ass.’ And if that don’t work, just wear a Bears jersey and no one will get within 6 foot of ya.” 


Giannis Making a $100,000 Donation to Fiserv Forum Staff Is Amazing

3. Coronavirus: Panic Mode vs. Moron Mode

This is a silly video that pokes fun at the significant range of reactions to the worldwide health crisis. At the end, Berens takes a second to remind everyone that all jokes aside, there are ways that you can help flatten the curve. Practice social distancing and wash your hands. 


“I can’t believe they suspended the NBA games. Listen, we’ll just have to play the games on Playstation. OK, everyone over to my house, bring your controllers.” 


Milwaukee, Let’s Talk About the Importance of Flattening the Curve



Allison Garcia is the Digital Editor for Milwaukee Magazine.