Winter sunset in Milwaukee, Wisconsin

8 Clever Cures for the Wintertime Blues That Are SO Milwaukee

We asked readers how they keep their spirits up when the mercury falls. Their advice almost had us wishing for a cold front. Almost.

“I take a hot yoga class. It gives me that warm summer feeling.”
– Dee Girard, 55, Milwaukee

“The Saturday morning winter farmers’ market at the Domes is a great place to warm up (leave your jacket in the car and sprint to the door so you don’t have to schlep it around the market). But I also like to embrace the cold; bundle up and walk the Oak Leaf Trail away from the lake. And stop at the Urban Ecology Center if the fireplace is going.”
– Jackie Gessner, 56, Shorewood

“No one in their right mind would order a burger in a Mexican restaurant, but no one is in their right mind in wintertime Milwaukee, and the burger at [Café] Corazón is the best in the city. It is sunshine on a plate.”
– Liam Callanan, 48, Milwaukee

“I count down the days until Burnhearts’ annual Mitten Fest in Bay View.”
– Casey Moglia, 31, Milwaukee

“I create a robe and slipper uniform in my apartment for when I get home. And Netflix by the fire is a great way to get rid of the winter chills. Doing the uniform and Netflix routine all at once is like winter heaven.”
– Lizzi Weasler, 28, Milwaukee

“Milwaukee Bucks basketball. Nothing better than a rocking Bradley Center on a cold Wisconsin night.”
– Paul Henning, 36, Milwaukee

“A week or so in Sanibel, Fla. in January and maybe a warm getaway in March, with a lot of Netflix in between. On especially cold days, a hot bath and a book after work. But I enjoy shoveling, too. It’s good to be outside and getting some exercise.”
– Mel Koenig, 57, Shorewood

“On a nice crisp winter day, I might hit a local ski hill or go for a winter walk to take in the scenery. Also, Badgers basketball.”
– Bridget Martin, 26, Milwaukee

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