You don't need to attend the opener to enjoy some early-season action at Miller Park.

There’s nothing quite like Opening Day in Milwaukee, but if the pesky interference of life and whatnot will keep you from the lid-lifter next Monday, worry not. There’s a whole season of baseball to be played and the Brewers will be at home all of next week. Here are some games to check out if you can’t make it on Monday:

Tuesday, April 3, 6:40 pm, vs. Cardinals

The second home game of the schedule is traditionally one of the lowest-attended games of the season. Case in point: the cheapest seats on Stub Hub for the opener are currently running about $40-50. Wait ‘til Tuesday night and that much will get you field-level seats. Let them call you a cheapskate, but these games all matter the same come the end of the season.

Thursday, April 5, 7:10 pm, vs. Cubs

Following the Cards into Milwaukee are the Chicago Cubs, who spent the first half of last season buried behind the Brewers in the standings and have since gotten started on their next 100-year-plus title drought. Brewers-Cubs at Miller Park always seems to bring out the worst parts of both team’s fan bases, with a lot of verbal taunting and generally obnoxious behavior that has only gotten worse with the Cubs’ recent successes. It makes one nostalgic for the good old American League days at County Stadium, when a Chicago-Milwaukee rivalry game resulted in nothing more than a couple of sun-burnt goons throwing beer-woozy punches at each other in the bleachers. But, if you’re a glutton for a rowdy smack-talk-off and have some real filthy words to rhyme with “Rizzo,” this is your first chance to get in on the action.

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Saturday, April 6, 7:10 pm, vs. Cubs

What do you do if you’re a college kid with a big test on Monday afternoon? Blow it off and fail! Or, for the more studious among us, head out to the park on Friday night for the first student night of the season. High school and college kids can get Terrace Reserve tickets for $10 and enjoy a special happy hour menu through the fourth inning.

Sunday, April 8, 1:10 pm, vs. Cubs

If you’ve got little ones, this is a good way to ease them into the 2018 season. No need to skip school and all kids (14 and under) will get a free ice cream bar courtesy of Blue Ribbon Classics. And it’s a “kids run the bases” day, meaning that after the game kids are invited out onto the field to tear around the bags like they just bunted at Jon Lester.