The Bold Plan to More Than Double the RiverWalk

The RiverWalk looks to grow into the South Side.

Illustration via Getty Images

The RiverWalk is like a big quilt the city can’t stop stitching together, and why not? Part one, stretching 3.1 miles up and down the Milwaukee River, has drawn accolades and a revival in riverfront development.

The new frontier lies south of Downtown, in the industrial wilds of the Menomonee Valley and along the riverfront on the western edge of Bay View.

The Common Council approved a plan for the Menomonee River section in 2017, which extends west from the harbor area, and the city is considering using municipal funds to add walkways – in the interest of attracting development – as opposed to waiting for property owners to pony up the usual 30 percent of the cost, as they did for the existing portions of the RiverWalk.

A recently approved city plan for the Harbor District includes RiverWalk along the Kinnickinnic River at the north end of Bay View, including up to five new landings for canoes and kayaks. The two expansions would add a total of four miles of RiverWalk, assuming the city can generate enough interest from developers.

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